ICWA-Induced PTSD: Give me “my child” lest I wake up screaming

prayer_requestOK. NAAM and the baybee traders have  finally pushed me over the edge.   I’ll keep this short and not so sweet:

Sunday night the Christian Alliance for Indian Child Welfare published a prayer request  on its Facebook page for  “mothers and families” suffering from ICWA-induced PTSD.

No,  CAICW is not asking for prayer support for natural mothers who have lost their children through forced adoption.  The language clearly indicates that CAICW  is talking about  that small but very special variety of  paps  who  drag their disputed adoption cases through the courts hauling their  PR teams, flashbulbs, and high-priced lawyers behind them.

The trauma is on their heads.

I’ve known a couple people who returned newborns they hoped to adopt to a natural parent. It was a  difficult and sad decision. The initial response, they say, was to fight, but then they realized that they could never have lived with themselves.  They had no ethical choice, even if the law was on their side. Barring proven neglect or abuse, no decent person wants to keep someone else’s child without their non-coerced consent.

Here is a portion of a message:

Some from simply the prolonged stress and fear of not knowing what will happen to your child; others, from the trauma of witnessing their child be taken screaming and crying – and then never knowing or hearing what has become of them from that point on. 

When I think of the tens of thousands of women in this country today who were pressured, forced, and coerced to toss their newborns into the adoption mill, I inarticulately feel sick.

Where is their prayer request for them?

When I think of fathers like Dusten Brown whose children are stolen from them by money, child  greed, and PR, I want to inarticulately throw my computer out the window.

Where is the prayer request for them?

When I think of the millions of adoptees whose records remain sealed sto fit the agenda of a small number of legislators and special interests  want to inarticulately chain myself in a tiger cage at the statehouse.

Where’s the prayer request for us?

Is no expropriation low enough?

Suggested reading  by Daniel Ibn Zyad:   Do you believe God has a play in infertility/fertility/adoption?

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2 Replies to “ICWA-Induced PTSD: Give me “my child” lest I wake up screaming”

  1. Right, because one of Jesus’ main teachings is to fight tooth and nail to keep natural parents and children separated…

  2. i left a coment on that post last night. it was a very polite comment that simply pointed out that natural families suffer from ptsd, that they oftentimes do not know the fate of their child, that they witness their children being carried away, that they have nightmares.

    in no way did i point out that for every one family so affected by having to return an icwa child, there are probably thousands of natural families suffering. i did not even come close to suggesting that people whose dollars fuel adoption are the root cause of all this trauma.

    i did ask her if her god is indifferent to the suffering of natural families.

    when i went to bed last night, the comment had two “likes.”

    as can be expected, by this morning my comment had been removed, and i permanently banned from that page.

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