Looking for something to honor “your” “birth mother” on Valentine’s Day? Of course, you are! Then Illinois Families Supporting Adoption has just the thing! Check out the group’s latest blog entry Valentine’s Day + Birth Families = Love.

IFSA, according to its website is “an organization sponsored by LDS Family Services to advocate a positive view of adoption.” (Be sure to try out its links!) The blog offers several nifty presents adoptive parents and their little sprog can send off to the woman who “chose love.” My favorite is chocolate dipped mini-pretzels dipped in chocolate or candy melts.

Surprisingly, I can’t find other “birth mother” Valentine Day promotions on the net, but maybe I didn’t look hard enough. Even the old reliable has dumped its kitsch and cheez leaving us with plastic key chains, adoption cards, and Christian books. Maybe it’s the economy. After all, who wants to maintain a warehouse full of angels-hovering-over-the- prego’s-tummy paintings that only somebody in Blue Bell, Utah could want? Or love.

I’m all for contact and gifts between little adoptees and their moms, but coming from LDS Social Services which has done everything possible to degrade women and keep secret adoption and sealed birth records alive in the US, this is not only laughable, it’s an insult.

Moms, what would you like to get from “your” adopters on Valentine Day?


  1. Lets see one of the last times I saw the adopter she was pretending to cry because it was my granddaughter’s last concert. She was saying oh “boo,hoo” I am not sure if she has a heart. This was sad and although I didn’t bring it up that it was the last one, she added her fake boohooing…wtf

    I would give her a heart since she doesn’t seem to have one of her own at least not a caring one.

    I might add this was the granddaughter that she tried to set up a relationship with her deceased hubby’s grandson. So keeping granddaughter in the “family” by trying to match her faux grandkids….she also needs a brain. so heart and brain and then I would like to knock her stuffing out!

    beginning to sound like a movie I once saw, adopter probably had the red shoes though…she just had to tap them together and she got her wish, two healthy white boys, and her “old” grandpa hubby was out of their life after her acquisition. so she was a single “mother” of two??? This is so bizarre in adoption where one can be single after adopting or nowadays, don’t even have to be married so much for that valued two parent crap they sold us…down the drain with.

    ps by the way the match didn’t work at least not yet.

  2. I would have liked my son’s adoptive parents to have been more open with him about adoption, and his mother to have been a more stable and compassionate person. I would have liked them to have reacted to my contact with common sense and decency, not panic that impacted on my son.

    But that is all in the past; he is a grown man. I’d like to hear from him, which I always enjoy, and don’t care what his adoptive mother does or thinks any more as he is estranged from her.

    Icky as the whole “valentines for birthmothers” site is, I would prefer it to hearing nothing at all when my son was a child, and I certainly would have LOVED anything he made or any photos.

  3. The LDS should just take their sickening and condescending attitudes and shove ’em.
    But they won’t, because they don’t get it and never will.

  4. The LDS followers have always “sealed” the adoptee to their family and the hell with the birth mother. Prior to a birth mother friend of mine passing away she was told by an LDS elder that she was nothing more than a pig to have gotten pregnant out of wedlock. Now they are promoting Valentine’s gifts for the birth mother – unreal. I have no use for them and never will because of the way they treated Judy and kept her from even talking to her daughter over the phone.

  5. Free Valentines lobotomies for everyone!!!:-) But with some people, how could you tell?

    personally I would prefer a manicure and pedicure!

  6. The little gifts for bmoms are too much–chocolate dipped heart-shaped pretzels?

    What would I have liked for Valentine’s day–I got it one year. My daughter sent one of those really huge Hallmark cards==I mean it’s about 24 inches by 15 and says:
    Just think, Valentine! Once we were perfect strangers, but then fate stepped in, and through some miracle,out of all the millions and millions of people in the world, OUR paths crossed!

    Inside it says:


    Is that perfect, or what? Of course, I have it right here in front of me….

    lorraine of

  7. The heart shaped chocolate covered pretzels certainly are appropriate coming from LDS. They (LDS and Adoption) twist normal relationships out of all recognizable shape and then sugar coat it and keep it darkly shrouded in secrecy like chocolate. What could be more appropriate.

    Thanks, but no thanks. I will take my truth straight up, thank you!

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