Mary Gauthier: The Founding clip

Mary Gauthier is one of the great and grand treasures of AdoptionLand. She recently released a new CD, The Foundling, about…guess what!

Below is a video of a live performance of the title song performed by Mary and Tania Elizabeth performed and at Joe’s Pub at the Public Theatre in June.

On her webpage, Mary writes of the adoptee rights movement:

There are so many people involved in the Adoptees Rights Movement. There are birth mothers who have grown and changed and come to a place where they want to meet their children, or have lost the chance to meet their own but recognize how valuable the knowledge of origin could be to the children who do seek. There are adoptees who are working together to counteract the shame and deep loss they’ve experienced, and to co-create a world where children are no longer seen as commodities. There are adoptive parents who see in their children their true natures, and honor them by letting the children keep their original names, taking them to where they came from, keeping in contact with birth parents when possible, showing them, quite literally, that their love for them does not hinge on them pretending to be something they are not.

These brave souls are working towards one of the last to be recognized ciivil rights issues – the right for human beings to know their origins, for all adoptees to know where they came from, to have unrestrained access the their own birth certificates. As of now, we do not have that right. In all but 6 states, adoptees birth records are sealed shut by the state, and upon adoption birth certificates are re-issued…. with adoptive parents names on them.

I’m not good at reviewing CDs (or books), but I’ll try to get one down for The Foundling later. In the meantime, go to Mary’s website for more about her and The Foundling, and a lot more videos., Thank you, Mary, for you voice!

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  1. This is the first I have listened to her music although heard her name around a lot and only good things.

    Wow! I love it! Isn’t she going to at AAC next year? That could make me change my mind and go.

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