I spent the entire weekend with a throbbing jaw and head and had emergency dental surgery yesterday. So, I’ve been out of it. I still am. I’m writing a short note, though, to send you to others, who are covering CARE’s latest shenanigans and re-write of history. I should have something up tomorrow.

CARE has written and distributed the biggest fantasy since Bill Pierce’s hallucinogenic Factbook 3. According to CARE, the adoptee rights movement:

is a direct result of medical professionals and social workers recognizing that hiding an authentic identity from an adoptee for an entire lifetime is neither healthy nor necessary.

This doesn’t even rank as good revisionist history.

Please go to:

BB Church
Baby Love Child
and CARE updatesitself to read their own words.

5 Replies to “1984 CALIFORNIA STYLE – NOTE”

  1. Get better soon, Marley. Dental surgery can be a b****! And so the “pros” are the ones who realized that adoptees need to know? What bull crap!

  2. I can’t keep up with the shape-shifting from CARE! Makes my head explode.

    Marley, feel better….dental surgery is the worst!

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