Dusten Brown honored by National Congress of American Indians

Earlier today Dusten Brown was honored by the National Congress of American Indians.  In a ceremony attended by dozens of native military veterans, he was recognized for his service in the Oklahoma National Guard. The meeting opened yesterday with approximately 3000 Indians from across the country in attendance.

Dusten’s daughter, Veronica Brown, 4, removed to South Carolina by her Capobianco “adopters”  while not present in person was there in spirit. The AP reports:

 During a ceremony that featured drumming and Native American songs, tribal members wrapped a brightly colored prayer quilt around Brown. The gift is intended to comfort him on the days he misses his daughter. Brown was also presented with an eagle feather to honor his service in the military.

S. Joe Crittenten, deputy principal chief of the Cherokee Nation praised  Dusten as a good man and  a good father.  “Veronica will always be a Cherokee citizen, and we look forward to the day she comes home to Dusten.”

Dusten remained silent during the ceremony and made no public statement afterwards.

Owly Images

This sad picture  from the ceremony is a little fuzzy. Go here for a clearer shot.

Ironically,  Oklahoma Governor Mary Falliln opened the event.  She became  instrumental in the destruction of the Brown family when she backed down from her earlier defense of tribal  and parental rights  virtually turning over Veronica to the Capos.  Seeming to forget her shameful behavior  she glad-handed Oklahoma Indians (particulary) for working  hard to improve tribal health tying their  work to reforms in Washington. “The American Indian is an integral part of our state.” she said.”

I can think of one little  Oklahoma Cherokee princess who’s not.

 ICWA and the Brown case are part of this year’s agenda, but I don’t have any details.

NCAI standing with Dusten Brown

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2 Replies to “Dusten Brown honored by National Congress of American Indians”

  1. The grief on Dusten and Robin’s faces is so overwhelming, I burst into tears every time I see it. It’s nothing like that stupid hang dog expression on Mel C’s face. Mel just looked like a child having a pout because she didn’t get her way.

    Dusten and Robin’s grief is real, it is genuine, and it shows the deepest love possible between a parent and child. I have never seen more profound devastation on any human’s face.

    I can’t believe I live in a country that would allow this to happen.

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