Donate to Dave: Help Dave Lenkowski Take Down Sara Feigenholtz!

I failed to mention in my blog below that even if you’re not in the 12th District or don’t live in Illinois, you can still help Dave Lenkowski beat the Sara Feigenholtz anti-adoptee machine by donating to Dave’s House campaign.

Dave’s is a viable threat to Feigenholt’z fiefdom. He’s holding his own, but he needs our help.

If I were in Chicago tonight I’d be at the Big Lenkowski Fundraiser. From Dave’s Facebook page (I’ve edited two announcements together):

The Nihilists and Little Lenkowski Urban Achievers will be there to greet you at the door for what is sure to be a great night. Feel free to bring whomever you’d like to the Big Lenkowski Fundraiser tonight at 600 N. Lake Shore Dr. (44th floor). Starting at 7:30, $35 will get you all the the Greek food, Koney Dogs, and drinks your heart desires.

Actions have consequences. Don’t let Sara Feigenholtz get away with pimping our rights to special interests. Say it loud and say it proud: Hey Hey Ho Ho! Sara Feigenholtz has got to go!

I sent a small donation to Dave today and will be sending more soon.

Donate to Dave here.

His campaign page is here.

(Disclaimer: my support of Dave Lenkowski is strictly my own and does not reflect the views of Bastard Nation or any other organization.)

4 Replies to “Donate to Dave: Help Dave Lenkowski Take Down Sara Feigenholtz!”

  1. How pathetic. The only reason you are telling people to support Dave is becuse you want to see Sara Feigenholtz lose. I bet you haven’t even asked Dave what his views on adoption reform are or if he is willing to sponsor a 100% clean open access bill.

  2. How pathetic that an anonymous person posts here trying stir the pot. Since Dave Lenkowski is running a clean campaign, it’s a little bit difficult to attack him, so you attack his supporters. It’s time for a clean sweep in Illinois. The old guard needs replaced with clean, uncorrupted and non-fringe people of both parties who actually care about their constituents.

  3. You could not have said it better, Marley!

    Rep. Feigenholtz proved to we adoptees that something kept her back from sponsoring a clean open access bill. We don’t know what but the Democrats were controlling the House and Senate plus Gov. Quinn is a Democrat. So why did she not go for the gold? We can only guess but something smells rotten.

    Our leaders in Springfield are not just detrimental to adoption reform – changes must be made if Illinois is to survive this century.

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