A little over a year ago I posted an entry on Musings of the Lame blogger, Claudia Corrigan D’Arcy’s appearance on the Montel Show, Fauxclaud’s Montel Moment. She had blogged about the experience, convinced she’d blown it. Or rather, Montel had blown it for her. I wrote about my own TV experiences and how we all feel stupid and incompetent. We toss ourselves on to the killing floor under the naive impression that somebody might care about what we say, when in reality they only want us to sell Windex and Pampers for them.

Well today, I was doing my usual mid-afternoon zone-out. Marlena and John had finished their phone-in DOOL performance for the day. I was about to get back to work but decided to check out who was on Montel. Oh, it’s a follow-up show. Oh, it’s a follow-up show on adoption scams. Oh, I wonder…I’ll stick around. Ohmygod! It’s Claud!

Now I understand the original show, which I didn’t see, has re-run at least three times since it aired–and I’ve missed them all. I’m pretty sure this follow-up didn’t feature Claud’s entire appearance (I don’t remember seeing her kick Montel, for instance), but boy…was she good!

Claud, you kicked more than Montel’s leg! You looked smart (in more ways than one!) You made him look stupid without making yourself look bad. That’s a gift!

Photo of Claud by Bastardette, Adoption Ethics Conference, October 2007


  1. Montel made such a mockery of our pain as mother’s from adoption!

    Seems his only interest was inquiring about where he could get a baby. He I guess has a new marriage, has some kind of disease, and still wants to get his hands on a baby. Hey, Montel ask one the of Hollywood baby buyers with your money you should be put on the top of the list just like those baby buyers.

    Montel is disgusting piece of daytime tv. He has gone beyond his time on tv and should be taken off!

    Just as Oprah has she has stayed way to long. And Dr. Phil her puppet..he has stepped out of bounds way to many times, his credibility is nil. How pathetic he was on the show where he almost took a baby from his mother. Just like adoption he over stepped the bounds and was in the delivery room trying to get that baby.

    Turns out he wasn’t successful but in the same show he was so concerned about the young girl’s father who had been separated from his family. I can remember what is the difference this is a double standard. The father cried and was in pain and the great Dr. acknowledged this on the show. Then he tries to tear apart the family taking a member because?

    Exploitation…is my call on that show. He thought he would get the huge numbers of those who adopt..and he did.

    All the while he disrespects mother’s who have lost their babies saying they have no right to search and reunite? The adopters are heros..please..

    Mr. Double Standard..I will do anything for a show.

  2. I don’t have it on YouTube…yet.. a year later. Long story, but my copy is a weird DVR version that we are having a heck of a time transcripting to an editable version for Youtube. Now that I work with serious geeks, I have a bit more soon. I hope.

    Thanks Marley.. I do wish I had kicked him harder…hee hee

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