Just as we’re recovering from the horror of The Silence of the French Fries on YouTube, Origins-USA puts up a new video: Pregnant? Thinking of Placing Your Baby?

Now the video is a bit too essentialist for my taste. But a 4-minute video presenting the hazards of adoption to women and their children is a positive small step in debunking all the adoption-is God’s-gift industry agitprop burrowed in YouTube. The video treats women as intelligent, thoughtful human beings who can make decisions on their own without the mediation of the professional adoption class. It’s nice to see OUSA take a swing, even ever so gentle, at NCFA’s body slamming Birth Mother,Good Mother propaganda campaign.

Anyway, the video was up only a few hours when somebody calling himself “badkjackcutter” (as in Jack Elam) decided to pipe up. Calling the video poster” hateful,” BJC describes himself as “an adoptee, a birth father, a father, an adoptive father, and a nationally recognized expert on adoption. But I am not who you probably think I am.”

Well, gee, I don’t know who BJC probably is ( I am pretty sure I know who he’s probably not– and Bill is no longer with us!), but he seems to know me. After I made a couple comments–responding to his claim that mothers who keep their baybees are “selfish,” and a bunch of straight-from-NCFA language, he comes back with how my ilk and I promote adoptee “victimhood.” On second thought I know exactly who this person is.

Back in the day, adoptee haters weren’t afraid to come forward with their real names. But today adopta-bullies hide under non de plumes. (Must be the Trotskyite influence). If BJC is such a famous adoption promoter, (and there is nothing intrinsically wrong with promoting adoption) why the fake name? Maybe if his friends read him verbally beating up on the very people they bleed their hearts over (natural mothers and their progeny), they’d drop him as quick as they would Richard Ellis. I’m seeing a lot of industry chicken littling lately. Are they scared?


  1. an adoptee, a birth father, a father, an adoptive father, and a nationally recognized expert on adoption.

    I read this and realized that while he was abandoned at birth and was lucky enough to be purchased, he later abandoned his own child, had his own child and then purchased a child. Talk about market research!

    Seems to me that a critical, crucial, vital experience is missing.

    I dont think he has been pregnant, alone, given birth in a maternity home, threatened with lawsuits, or other. Or has he? Should he really be speaking for mothers and what we feel or dont feel?

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