A little over a year ago I posted an entry on Musings of the Lame blogger, Claudia Corrigan D’Arcy’s appearance on the Montel Show, Fauxclaud’s Montel Moment. She had blogged about the experience, convinced she’d blown it. Or rather, Montel had blown it for her. I wrote about my own TV experiences and how we all feel stupid and incompetent. We toss ourselves on to the killing floor under the naive impression that somebody might care about what we say, when in reality they only want us to sell Windex and Pampers for them. Well today, I was doing my usual mid-afternoon zone-out. Marlena and John had finished their phone-in DOOL performance for the day. I was about to get back to work but decided to check out who was on Montel. Oh, it’s a follow-up show. Oh, it’s a follow-up show on adoption scams. Oh, I wonder…I’ll stick around. Ohmygod! It’s Claud! Now I understand the original show, which I didn’t see, has re-run at least three times since it aired–and I’ve missed them all. I’m pretty sure this follow-up didn’t feature Claud’s entire appearance (I don’t remember seeing her kick Montel, for instance), but boy…was she good! Claud, Continue Reading →