CAICW Rejects Civil Discourse: Bans comments from adoptee rights activists

So, now I’ve been banned from posting on the CAICW FB page. It’s ironic that the co-founder and Executive Chair of the largest adoptee civil rights organization in North America isn’t allowed to post on a FB page promoted in part as an adoptee rights page. I must have been banned after the polite comments I made a couple weeks ago

I guess “adoptee rights” for these people means the right of babies to be adopted by worthy (straight, married) suburban white folks with prayer partners PR hacks, and $480/hr baby carriage chasers. Two cars in every garage. A chicken in every pot. Continue Reading →

ICWA-Induced PTSD: Give me “my child” lest I wake up screaming

OK. NAAM and the baybee traders have finally pushed me over the edge. I’ll keep this short and sweet:

Sunday night the Christian Alliance for Indian Children published a prayer request on its Facebook page for “mothers and families” suffering from ICWA-induced PSTD. Continue Reading →

Media Distortions in the Veronica Brown Case: Adoptionis only about adopters

Corcoran takes to task Washington Times reporter Andrea Poe (and others) for focusing on the “heartache of the adoptive family” while neglecting the other side. Poe wrote in TWT that the case is “every parent’s worst nightmare.” and later in HuffPo that [t]his is not an illegal abduction, although it certainly sounds that way” and that the “adoption community has been devastated by this news.” (links to these quotes and many others in the original article.). Continue Reading →

ICWA: 35 Years and they Still Don’t Get It

Today is the 35th anniversary of ICWA. *The Indians Child Welfare Act,(, You’d think that our christian and cultural missionaries would have gotten it by now, but they don’t Anti-Indian websites such as the Christian Alliance for Indian Child Welfare (CAIDW) and the racist Ciizens Equal Rights Allaince (CERA) proclaim individual Indians and entire tribes unworthy, corrupt, dangerous, disempowering, and archaic. Tribal sovereignty and maintenance of Indian family ties, tradition, and culture, are “racist.” That is, they impinge on white privilege and hegemony and obstruct desire.

Indian Country, is a their personal Plunder Country. They should be able to take what want:: land, natural resources, children. Continue Reading →

No Joke: Capobianco supporter, Christian Alliance for Indian Child Welfare, sends out prayer request for “child’s best interest”


prayer_requestA couple weeks ago I wrote about an ICWA  law  forum  being held  today in St. Paul.  (I’m posting this early Tuesday morning/.)

Sunday, the misnamed  anti-ICWA Christian Alliance for Indian Child Welfare. (CAICW) operated by non-Indian Lisa Morris, sent up a tizzyful prayer on Facebook:  Ms Morris, in case you’re you’re not familiar with her, is a graduate of Bible College (unnamed), has “dabbled as a registered nurse” (her words)  and is an active member of the Minnesota Tea Party. She believes (at least on paper) that prayer is the greatest weapon against ICWA, If the US were a sane country, Ms. Morris would be left standing on a street corner passing out tracts to the unsaved and unwashed. Instead she’s running an anti-civil rights organization.

CAICW (or Ms. Morris)  urges us: Continue reading