Focus on the Family’s Citizen Link informs us tonight that The Christian Alliance for Orphans has set up Orphans Deserve Better, special webpage for Orphan haters. We mean the movie Orphan, not orphans per se, but once the movie comes out, who knows? The way the anti-Orphan gangbangers are behaving I halfway expect to see mobs in overalls marching house-to-house waving pitchforks and torches hunting down evil orphans.

Especially since our Esther rejects her Christian Alliance for Orphans God-loves-me role:

Did you know that orphans are put on earth specifically to experience God’s love. That’s what The Christian Alliance

Orphan might even undermine CAO’s mission:

Motivate and unify the body of Christ to live out God’s mandate to care for the orphan with the vision to have every orphan experience God’s unfailing love and know Jesus as Savior.

CAO’s Jeff Medfind goes over the top in his Orphans Deserve More video appeal complaining that the film suggests that “orphans are damaged goods and adoption can destroy your life.”

Loving an orphan can lift us up from selfish routines and petty concerns and give us a deep joy that no vacation or new car ever could.

Some adoptees, based on their personal experience, would disagree.

The moral panic Orphan has induced is more entertaining than the film itself, which will pass into oblivion and DVD a month after release. The “outrage” is an opportunistic moment for drum banging and fund raising. What better way is there to make publicity and $$$$$ for yourself than to create a victim where none exists? The Orphans Deserve Better website and petition (this is separate from the Boycott “Orphan” Movie petition) is clearly a set-up to collect names for money and conversion.

For once the grand poobah of adoption, the National Council for Adoption, has shown some sense and has refused to get involved. We’re expecting to see a PETA campaign any day now, though.

It’s a B movie folks! In real life there are real orphans who need real help and real families. These real children are being co-opted by privileged self-righteous do-gooders and Bible oil salesmen pretending they can’t tell the difference between real orphans in some poverty stricken orphanage in Cambodia and a pretend orphan in a movie. Are these the people we want promoting orphan care and orphan adoption?

Addenda: Check out Orphans are Scary on MamaPop. Thanks Kurt!


  1. Having read the script for Orphan, everyone who is protesting this is going to have some serious foot-in-mouth disease when they find out what the film is about. I can’t wait to see the aftermath!

  2. I haven’t read the script, but I heard from a good source how the movie plays out, so I agree. I’m sure at least some of the do-gooders know this, too, and they are just whoring around in the meantime filling their pockets and egos. I also heard some of them were threatening to blow the reveal to pull
    the plug on the film,. No fair!

    I’ll never tell. I’m just enjoying fools in.

  3. What I don’t get about these stupid protests of movies is why they are so fearful that someone might see the movie and decide not to adopt.

    First of all, only a moron would make a life-changing choice based on a fictional grade B horror film, or any other movie for that matter. I had the same reactions as people from our side all upset that Juno would cause pregnant girls to surrender. Life does not work that way. If you don’t like a movie don’t see it. Works for me!

    If some idiot DID decide not to adopt after seeing Orphan that could only be a good thing. There are way many more prospective adoptive parents than their are babies to adopt, so that might thin the line a little, plus eliminating someone stupid enough to be influenced by a movie. Most movie monsters that were not constructed in the lab were biological kids raised by their crazy parents. Has that stopped anyone from having kids?

    Why are some adoptive parents SO sensitive?

  4. Maryanne: “First of all, only a moron would make a life-changing choice based on a fictional grade B horror film, or any other movie for that matter.”

    Me: True, but look at the mentality we’re dealing with. If one “bad” thing is said about adoption, the whole thing falls apart. You’d think it was on it’s last legs ready to keel over into dust at the slightest breeze.

    I really believe much of this is drum banging as I wrote last night. It’s a free way to get publicity, get some face time in the press, and in the cases of some groups, a way to raise money. The whole Orphans Deserve Better petition is all about fundraising.

    That’s the function of online petitions, though they may serve secondary purposes. The King of Online Peitions, Jay Sekelow from the American Center for Law and Justice admits it. It’s data mining for donations.

    Records accdes will kill adoption. Orphan will kill adoption. If adoption were this simple to kill it would have died along time ago.ago.

  5. They have run the same article about this movie twice in my local paper online.

    What’s the old saw, “any publicity is good publicity!”

  6. Whats the hooha about ? are you talking about this from the aparents pov or adotpees pov ?
    Because I have shouted loud and proud how abominable i think this film is. How I am SICK TO DEATH of adoptees being potrayed as Pyschos all the time in movies, in tv series – Im sick of it.

    We have a series in Australia called Packed to the Rafters – nice little fun lighthearted mid week series, and BAM after a whole series of it NOW They have to introduce ADOPTION into it..Im sick of shows continually having to have something to do with adoption in it. Yeah ok so I see hte + on one side that well its showing how normal being a adoptee is BUT The point is it DOESNT – it always comes out when there is something pyschotic going down so what does THAT say about adoptees!

    It sucks!

  7. Hi Jane!

    While I totally agree with you how nauseating it is to have adoption all over the t.v. lately (especially when it’s a negative portrayal of an adoptee.)

    But… (you knew that was coming), I think the large majority of AP’s who are screaming about one line in this movie and remaining completely silent about adoptee rights and the sealing of our birth records is even more sickening. It pisses me off that they don’t defend the CIVIL RIGHTS OF THEIR ADOPTED CHILDREN.

    While there are exceptions in the AP camp, the majority remains silent on adoptee rights. (((Sound of crickets))))

  8. Lorraine you dont know ? I only just found out about it now Im going to blog about it because Im gobsmcked


    This is it

    “It must be hard to love an adopted child like your own.”

    Yup Apparently they want the film shut down because of that


    Try being an adoptee and listening to lines like

    “Geeze what a pyscho – must be adopted”

    PS in my previous post I had a typo it was supposted to read “the + as in the positive” but I put
    hte + ( looks like some sort of Pregnancy test LOL)

    Yeah Anonymous I know its very sad isnt it 🙁

    Hi Marley *waves*

  9. Everyone in the adoption field knows this would be considered a huge ‘no-no’ of correct adoption language, but the amount of fuss this is receiving is absurd. At my agency we got a sticky on our desktops telling us to refrain from seeing the movie. Seriously? This is a b-grade horror flick people, if it makes someone not want to adopt after seeing it they probably shouldn’t be parents in the first place.

  10. Bravo Marley! Your comments on the movie are Right on the Mark!
    -I read about you in our local paper, the Daily Herald. (Chicagoland.) I can’t find your exact quotes here on the Blog, but the paper says you said the film “will pass into oblivion.” Exactly!
    -When are all these goofy protesters, not just on adoption but most movies, realize the old Hollywood mantra “The only bad publicity is NO publicity.” Now they’ve gone and put a large article about the movie in the paper; a movie I certainly never heard of before.
    -If they just remained silent the movie would come and go like a passing train with no one the wiser.
    -Thanks for your wisdom and commons sense Marley!


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