I’m in the middle of some other projects and won’t be able to post for a few days, but I had to share this news story out of Utah.

The girls must have been reading Ann Fessler–or OSUA. Hmm, no. Silly me! They’d not be allowed near a library or a computer. They’re Maternity Camp inmates.

Pregnant teens beat up group home employee then steal her van
The girls, ages 15 and 16, may be headed out of state

By Nate Carlisle
The Salt Lake Tribune

Article Last Updated:01/18/2007 10:59:35 AM MST

Posted: 10:55 AM- Three pregnant teenagers at a group home in American Fork are accused of beating their caretaker with a frying pan, tying her up and driving off in her van. Police are still looking for the three girls, who are from Illinois, Texas and California. The stolen vehicle is described as a 2005 Dodge Caravan, Utah license plate 128VTX. Police are not disclosing the girls’ names. The attack occurred Tuesday morning at a state-licensed home near 1000 North and 400 East that provides services to pregnant teenagers, said American Fork Police Sgt. Shauna Greening. “We haven’t had any problems with that home before,” Greening said. A caretaker at the home, Greening said, told police the teens hit her over the head with a frying pan then used electrical cords and duct tape to tie her up. They also put a sock in her mouth and wrapped her mouth in duct tape, Greening said. The teenagers then stole the caretaker’s purse, credit cards, cell phone, video camera and van, Greening said. The caretaker was able to free herself. She went upstairs and found another girl, a 17-year-old, who also was tied, Greening said.

The caretaker freed that teen and called police.

Greening said the girls could be arrested on suspicion of aggravated assault, aggravated kidnapping, aggravated robbery, car theft and criminal mischief. The teens might have fled to one of their home states, Greening said. It was unknown what stages of pregnancy the teens were in, Greening said.

One of the girls is 15 years old, 5 feet 2 inches tall, 103 pounds, with brown hair, blue-green eyes and a pierced belly button. Another 15-year-old is described as 5 feet 5, 152 pounds, with brown hair and eyes, a piercing in each ear, a scar between her eyes and a mole on her left leg and back. The third girl is 16, about 5 feet 7, 153 pounds, with brown hair, green eyes, a piercing in each ear and a scar on her forehead.

Anyone with information about the girls can call American Fork police at 801-763-3020. [email protected]

I did a quick search of maternity homes in American Fork (not that I expected a clump of them) and came up with New Hope Maternity Home, which I am 99.9% sure is the afore mentioned Bad Girls Home. (And if I’m wrong, you should know about this place anyway.) The location, in the foothills of the Wasatch Mountains, is breathtaking, the kind of place you might go to for a secret tryst or to hide out to write the Great American Novel if you could bring your own stuff to personalize the place. But for the “maternity girls” as New Hope likes to call its “residents,” the message is clear. You’re not gettin’ outta here, girl. Shut up! Behave. Conform. Comply.

Here are a few excerpts from New Hope’s propganda page, but be sure to read the whole thing. While you’re at it, take the slide show tour for a lesson in soft sensory deprivation. Then read Robert J. Lifton’s 8 Conditions for Thought Reform–particularly Mileau Control, Confession, and Doctrine Over Person to see how closely they align.

The setting is pristine and private, allowing your student to make significant modificatons in her life in a setting conducive to both growth and change


Location: Utah valley just North of Provo, Utah in the small comunity of American Fork. The benefit: In most cases, you need to act quickly to get your daughter out of her current situation and away from most of her friends. You don’t want her to go where they will have access to contact her, and it is also a great benefit to be far away geographically. By taking her totally out of her envirohment into a new, safe, and secure environment, she will be better abale to start making better choices.


New Hope students are enrolled in East Shore High School, an alternative school in the local Alpine School District. However, our students do their school work right here in our Maternity Home. As they complete each unit, our staff accompany them to the testing center at East Shore High where they complete tests and essays.


While adoption is not an easy choice, it can bring positive results for all involved. The choices made around an unplanned pregnancy are difficult in many ways. It is natural for a young woman to experience grief and loss when she chooses to let her child become a permanent part of another family’s life. This pain and feelings will eventually be replaced with a peace of mind and inner strength knowing that her child can experience a life of opportunities because she made the unselfish decision to give her child to an adoptive family.

Isolation, sensory deprivation, helplessness.

Why is involuntary incareration of teen women in totalist indoctrination camps permitted?

If these “maternity girls” were of age, these shennighans would be illegal.



  1. Maybe we could establish a “Safe House” for the escapees.

    The rhetoric used by the “home” caused by blood to boil. Ohhh, the power of language!

    Utah’s motto should be “The more things change, the more they stay the same.”


  2. I hope they get away! Maybe they will make it to a Grannie or aunt or friend who will take them in. If they are captured they should scream for media coverage and tell what goes on in those homes. This one is in the heart of Mormon country so must be especially reactionary and into brainwashing. Thanks for featuring this, Marley:-)Utah has never left 1962.

    I can’t help it but I love the image of the frying pan wielding pregnant girl decking the Home worker.I hope those girls are very smart and careful now.


  3. I may be wrong, but I believe that Utah is a popular place for various “youth detention camps” because Utah law makes it easier for parents to incarcerate their misbehaving offspring against the will of said offspring.

    Again, I may be wrong, but this is what I remember.

    In any case, I hope they get away or, even better, this serves to expose the kind of abuse that goes on in these homes.

  4. If you want to blame anyone, blame their (presumably biological) parents. Perhaps these girls would have been better off if they had been adopted

  5. Lainie, you are right, Utah is full of “youth detention camps” of all kinds. Marley can tell you a lot more but it is in many ways a theocracy run by the Mormon Church, a very patriarchal and repressive cult-like religion. LDS Social Services is the largest remaining supporter of NCFA and there is a great deal of adoption abuse in the system there, as well as other kinds of abuses of personal freedom and autonomy.

  6. From New Hope Maternity Home webpage: “Experience – As owners, the Moody’s have had years of experience working in youth facilities and programs, including facility management positions. They have had years of experience with foster girls in their own home prior to New Hope.”

    This story could involve foster children out of group homes here.

    Someone wrote: “Perhaps these girls would have been better off if they had been adopted”

    Teens who were adopted never get pregnant? They are somehow immune from that?

    It’s also possible for an teen adoptee to be placed into one of these ‘troubled youth programs’ out in the country by aparents, as I’ve heard happens A LOT.

    I think there are probably lots of possibilites here, not just “the bad biology”. Its really never that simple.

  7. Shades of 1962, indeed. I remember taking a walk one day because I was so upset at the thought of losing my baby to adoption. I signed out, using that ^%$#@ fake name, as I was supposed to and put that &^%$# fake wedding band on my finger and was only gone 30 minutes. When I got back to the home and, as I was signing in, I was accosted by one of the SW’s at the home and told I was “campussed” for the duration of my stay..in other words, not allowed to leave the premises without a SW or other escort for anything but doctor’s visits or to deliver. It seems that, since I was close to term, they feared I might cut and run, leaving them without the “goods” of a newborn baby. How I wish I had done just that. Run girls…and don’t stop until you find a safe place.

  8. “This pain and feelings will eventually be replaced with a peace of mind and inner strength knowing that her child can experience a life of opportunities because she made the unselfish decision to give her child to an adoptive family.”

    Bloody LIARS! they should be sued for promoting such blatant deception.

    AND it should be bought to the attention of the media as well as their own.

    For heaven’s sake can’t someone launch a campaign to put them out of business for using fraud to obtain consents from their inmates?


  9. I ran away from a maternity home in the mid ’60’s. Until now, I never heard of another mother running.

    My baby was taken for adopters anyway.

    I hope this incident is widely discussed in the mainstream media. Especially with the Missouri kidnappings still in the news.

  10. I see the Moody’s are now trying to underplay what happened and professing concern about the mothers.

    Which in adoption-speak means they are worried about liability and about losing inventory.

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