I’m working on something else right now. But for momentary relief from the California Catastrophe try out this video from ProLife Minnesota and that old baybee kollektor Pierceophile herself, Mary Ann Kuharski: Grandma is Adopted.

“I’ve got my daddy’s eyes.” Daddy? Since when do adoptees have dads?

And do check out her webpage:

We were recently forced to re-locate our Annual Culture of Love Banquet scheduled with the Radisson Roseville Hotel for May 6th, after learning that the Radisson, owned by Carlson Hotels Worldwide, offers “pay-per-view” pornography to its patrons. We also learned that Carlson Corporation is a contributor to Planned Parenthood. We were told by the Radisson that we will owe a “$3,000 cancellation fee”, as a result.

BTW, this year, Kuharski will be discussing the link between porn and abortion.

Who knew?


  1. The link between porn and abortion here in Minnesota was documented long ago.

    Adolescent males exposed to pornography (hard to define but we all know it when we see it) become uncontrollably aroused. This arousal causes them to ply young women with liquor, destroying their moral defenses and leading them to believe that they, too, have sexual impulses. Inevitably, they engage in sexual intercourse.

    Sexual intercourse between unmarried minors results in pregnancy more than 90% of the time, even with the use of birth control other than the rythm method. More than one-third of all pregnant teens choose abortion, in order to avoid weight gain.

    There you have it, an undeniable causal link between pornography and abortion.


  2. Where does it say she’ll be discussing the connection between porn and abortion? On her page she just says the connection goes without saying (!). One of their supporters’ comments says they thought pornography was illegal! So stupid! Their three featured billboards are quite stupid as well. God’s “finest creation”? I don’t remember him creating babies in the first seven days, I think people did that. “Stimulus package”? More like a financial drain. “I got my genes at conception!” Um, as opposed to when?

  3. The only, and I mean ONLY possible choices if you are young and pregnant are abortion and giving up to adoption. That’s it. You have NO other option. So, you better choose adoption because otherwise those cute little tykes in the ad “wouldn’t be here!”


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