Twitter Fail – Why is this considered "convenient?"

OK.  I give up.  Twitter has defeated me.

After repeated attempts for months to access the Daily Bastardette Twitter account  I’ve thrown up the white flag.

First I don’t exist.  Then I do, but my password doesn’t.  Sometimes my Twitter email account for Bastardette doesn’t exist. Sometimes I don’t exist, but then I’m adopted.

I’m keeping Twitter since I get hits from it, I’ve been forced to open a new account. I can’t delete the old account because it won’t let me in.  For those so inclined please go to the left Twitter thingamajig and subscribe. I can also be found under marleygreiner in the Twitter directory.  I wanted to use “Daily Bastardette” but Twitter wouldn’t let me.  Figures.

Now if I can just figure out how to add the new Google “share this” icon. It went up automatically on one of my blogs, but not the rest.

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