I wasn’t expecting this one, but maybe I’m out of the loop!

National Council for Adoption member Los Ninos International Adoption Center is no more as of March 31,2009. Unlike many agencies that have closed their doors recently, with little or no notice, this appears to be an orderly shutdown, but the only information I can find is off the Los Ninos webpage itself.

Executive Director Rosana N. Erichsen, writes:

The Board determined that Los Niños can no longer continue its charitable adoption activities because it is extremely difficult to meet our client’s adoption goals now that the rules governing new applicants have become so stringent and numerous countries have closed their international adoption programs. The Board believes it is in the best interest of Los Niños and its clients to dissolve Los Niños.

The Texas-based Los Ninos has been around since 1981. It is a 2007 inductee into NCFA’s Hall of Fame. Besides the Los Ninos webpage you can read more about them here.

I don’t know much about Los Ninos so I won’t comment. only to say that it appears the Hague, adoption scandal blowback, and the economy has done them in. ChompChomp! I wonder if the age of the Erichsons might have something to do with it, too.

I think well be seeing more shutdowns this year.

BTW, does anyone know if the adoption industry is slurping at Obama’s trough?


  1. I would like to know the answer to that one, Marley. I know that the lobby is still strong and active, but I don’t know if the industry is receiving any of the stimulus money. I have already written a letter to the president, and to Sen. Pelosi, about the needs of the natural family versus the greed of the adoption industry.

  2. Personally, the last thing I worry about is the agency’s clientel. Too bad for them if they can’t acquire another woman’s child. The ones I worry about are the children and their real parents.

  3. A few other I.A. agencies have ceased to exist – Commonwealth, Project Oz, Elina Adoptions, World Partners (or will be soon), Adoption Blessings Worldwide – my, if only that list were longer.

    Stay tuned. My crystal ball says more are going to crumble. I agree with Marley.


  4. Los Ninos was one of NCFA’s *charter* members. It was also one of three U.S. agencies stripped of accreditation by Russia in 2005 because they “chronically and systematically violated Russian law by failing to file post-adoption reports,” according to Russia’s Education and Science Ministry.

    A year later, seven more NCFA members were among 12 U.S. agencies urged by the Russian Prosecutor General’s Office to lose their accreditation for failing to file post-adoption status reports: Beacon House, Cradle of Hope, Maine Adoption Placement Services (MAPS), ABC Adoption Services (the infamous Florida one), Commonwealth, European Adoption Consultants, and Adoption Associates.

    Way to go, NCFA!

  5. Ooops! Correction on my post relative to the 12 agencies threatened with loss of accreditation by Russia. I counted Beacon House as a NCFA member; it is not, so that reduces the percentage of NCFA agencies to 50% of the total. Pretty significant, anyway, when you consider that NCFA agencies comprise only somewhere around 3% of total child placement agencies in the U.S.

    I need to explain that, although Beacon House is not an NCFA member, it fronted for non-Russia-accredited NCFA member Building Blocks Adoption Services (BBAS) in Russia. BBAS used Beacon House documents and instructed prospective adoptive parents to lie to Russian judges about the agency representing them. You can read more on this at Dan & Elizabeth Cases’s website:

  6. I am not at all surprised that Los Ninos is closing its doors. I worked there for a short time and I have to say that Rosana Erichsen was one of the worst managers I’ve seen in my many years in the working world.

    She was terribly disorganized, angry, and could not keep a staff. I should have known that something was wrong when two people quit the Friday before I started. I quit as did another staff member shortly after starting the job. It was a nightmare place to work and the post-adoption paperwork was ridiculous.

    There was simply no organization to the post-adoption paperwork and it was so far behind in being filed. I believe this is because Ms. Erichsen could not keep staff members long enough to keep it up to date. Her parents, who started the agency, both worked there on a part-time basis and she was rude to both of them regularly. The same was true of her husband who worked there. She treated him with no respect whatsoever.

    I hope the Erichsens are able to move forward in their endeavors and do something productive with their lives, but I am not surprised that the agency has shut down. Perhaps under different leadership it might have been sustainable, but Ms. Erichsen simply wasn’t the type of person who could successfully lead a business.

  7. I’m just getting wind of this and though I am in total shock and awe…I’m not at all surprised. As another anonymous commentator mentioned, Rosana Erichsen was a horrible manager!!! The worst, she was a real witch!!! Employees turned over like hot cakes. It’s too bad that she ran all those years of hard work put in by Jean and Heino right into the ground. And I guess she even ran her own husband off as it looks like he resigned. She was just a huge mess and had no idea of how to lead an organization to success!

  8. I am the first anonymous who posted on March 29. I’d like to talk to the second anonymous person who posted if you’d be willing to do so. I can be contacted at [email protected]

    I’d be interested to hear your experiences at Los Ninos.

  9. Wow, I just heard Los Ninos is closed!!!! I also am seeing so many negative comments on that agency.
    I just wanted to post here, to let people know, that we had a GREAT experience with the agency. THroughout our process, there was only one part that we were unhappy about, and it was rectified. Of course, we were clients in 2002/03. We adopted our daughter from Russia, and LNI was very very helpful. We met many adoptive parents while we were in Russia, that were using other agencies….and NONE of them had as positive an experience as we were having. Some of them sounded like nightmares, while ours was smooth and well run.
    Jean was heavily involved while we were clients, perhaps her not being around, had lots to do with the demise??? ANyway, we have an absolutely beautiful, loving daughter because of LNI and we’ll always be grateful for what they did for us. She couldn’t have fit into our family more perfectly had she been biological.
    I am sorry for all the other people that did have problems, and hoep they all have their adopted child soon.

  10. Wags,

    I suspect Jean being involved in your adoption is likely the reason it was so successful. Jean knew what she was doing. Rosana on the other hand didn’t have a clue, but seemed to like to think she did. She had SERIOUS issues and I can only say that Los Ninos is better off closing down for good than having Rosana at its helm.

  11. Anonymous,
    I am pretty sure you are correct in Jean having been the reason our adoption was SOOO successful through LNI. It is so hard to believe, given our experience, that others have had poor ones….but seeing SOOO many negative posts, I am assuming it is all correct. The only contact I had with Rosana was post-adoption reporting, maybe once or twice tops.
    Too bad Jean and Heino couldn’t just keep plugging along and had to retire!! They really were good for the adoption industry. I hope you are on the way to having your adoption dreams fulfilled, if you have not done so yet. GOod luck and God Bless!

  12. Sad to see LNI close the doors, but I can only imagin why. We used them for an adoption and had a rough go with it. Rosana was never very “Rosey”. Quick to send scathing emails, but was at a loss for words when we produced copies of documents showing we were correct on the issue at hand, and of course no apology whatsoever. The Heino was also very rude at times. Jean was the only breath of fresh air along with the staff, that unfortunately turned over on a routine basis. Adopted several more times, but went as far away from LNI as possible.

  13. I just looked up LNI and discovered they were closed. Thank God! Rosey was rude and threatening to me during my adoption and was personally responsible for a 3 month delay in bringing my child home. I received several threatening emails from her. I can only imagine how she behaved with employees if she was that rude to clients.

  14. Anonymous who posted on Sept.16th:

    I am so sorry you had to endure a three-month delay in bringing your child home. There is no excuse for that having happened. I’m also sorry you had to endure Rosie’s rude and threatening behavior. Her behavior with employees was awful and as an employee (a very short-term one at that by my own choice – I quit quickly after starting), I felt so sorry for her husband and her son.

    Her husband worked there and seemed to be a good guy, although he was a wimp in her presence. It wouldn’t surprise me at all to learn that they are divorced. I wouldn’t wish it on anyone, but it wouldn’t surprise me.

    I now firmly believe that Rosie was mentally ill. There were several things that seemed to point to that. Whatever her problem, I can only be glad no other adoptive parents or employees will ever have to suffer because of her.

  15. I think the general tone is to be expected on this site. As to the personal attacks by two disgruntled employees, it is extremely inappropriate and unfair. Unfortuntately, blogs are a great way to air your dirty laundry anonymously without repercussion or rebuttal. It allows for name calling and inaccruate statements. It allows for one-sided perspectives taken at face-value. I would hope that when (if ever) your professional and personal worlds come crashing down… you find people to be not so harsh and judgemental. In the end, LNI closed in the same manner in which we opened with integrity. From, Rosi Erichsen

  16. I don’t think the perspectives in this blog are at all “one-sided”. There are employees and customers alike, all with the same experience…it was the worst experience ever! I too am a former employee and the experience at this agency was beyond traumatizing. Someone mentioned that Rosie is mentally ill and that has to be the answer. I don’t think that a person could be that crazy, psychotic and mean all on their own will and still sleep at night. It’s sad that she’s still in denial and has yet to respond with an apology to all the people that she has wronged. Shame, shame on her!

  17. Finding Los Ninos International Adoption was a BLESSING for our family. LNI’s staff was always professional and courteous, and ALWAYS responded to our questions within 24 hours. Even when we were in country they addressed our issues immediately. We met Rosana on a couple of occasions and she was courteous and professional. We were so disappointed when we could not pursue future adoptions with LNI.

  18. I’m another ex-employee weighing in on the side of Rosi being a horrible employer. It’s been interesting to read the comments of other employees and of clients on this site and to know that I am not alone the trauma I suffered as an employee at Los Ninos.

    Rosi is clearly in denial and likely will always be. She called the other posters “disgruntled employees.” I guess she can add me to that list too then. My experience at Los Ninos with Rosi was awful and it pains me to hear others had the same problems. While I feel better that it wasn’t just me, I also feel badly that others had to suffer.

    I don’t see this as an airing of dirty laundry, but rather as a group of people who are coming together to share their unfortunate experiences with Rosi. The real shame of it is that there is more than one person in that group.

  19. I am a former client of Los Ninos. There are no words for the 4 years of hell that the child they help us adopt from Colombia has put us and others through. We live in fear for our life every day. It is such a long story, but THEY KNEW. THEY KNEW before we went to get her, and they didn’t say anything. We asked about some questionable things in the report and they glossed it over. Was it for the money, Erichsons? We hope you enjoy the money. Was it worth it to ruin our lives for the money you got for knowingly sending us to get this violent psycho? The worst punishment I would wish for you is that you would have to adopt her from us. That is what I wish for you. That would be worse than life in prison. She is very mentally ill, but YOU! YOU KNOWINGLY SET US UP AND THEN ABANDONED US AS SOON AS WE GOT BACK AND TOLD YOU ABOUT HER. Where are you, Erichsons, when she is putting bruises on us, beating up our other child, and holding a big bread knife to our daughter’s throat? And what does the lying orphanage care that your reposrts stopped? THEY KNOW. They got rid of her for thousands of our dollars. You have got to be sicker than she is to do that to good people.

  20. Wow! That last post is really sad and unbelievable…but when dealing with these people, the Erichsens, anything is possible. I’m sure that this poor family was sentenced to a life of hell all for the money. Sad and pathetic!

  21. I would like to address all of the people bad mouthing the erichsens. I was adopted through this agency in 1986. My sister and I were the first adoptees out of panama, and they have remained in contact with me and my family until this day. As a result of their help, i was taken from poverty to a productive member of society, even serving this country’s Army. They (Heino and Jean) are good people, and would not have knowingly endangered anyone or hidden anything. I can’t comment on rosana, as I only knew her when she was a teenager. I am truly saddened by the news that they have closed, and for anyone who feels that they were slighted by Los ninos. My email is [email protected] if anyone wants to discuss things.

  22. It is not bad-mouthing. It is telling THE OPEN TRUTH – which a lot of people don’t want to hear. You assume Mrs. Erichson does not know of our situation. Mrs. Erichson knows – she called to tell us how sorry she is, but more importantly, how she is going to do NOTHING to help us. Oh, you poor sweet dears – I hope she doesn’t kill you…….

  23. DivineMum,

    I am SO sorry you have been put through the hell you have suffered with your child. I have no doubt that questionable report items were glossed over and that you were lied to. That seems par for the course for the Erichsens.

    My sympathies and if your child is in fact too much to deal with, you may want to turn her over to the state so that she becomes a ward of the state. Consult a lawyer. There is no reason for you and the rest of your family to have to live in fear.

    Disloyal Puppet – Your experience comes from having been an adoptee of the agency. Had you worked day in and day out with these folks as an employee or as an adoptive parent, you may have seen a very different side of things. Rosi was a horrendous employer and I tend to believe the adoptive parents about their bad experiences because I saw FIRST HAND how Rosie treated her clients in general. It was awful and I feel terrible for anyone who has had to deal with these people.

  24. I was adopted threw this agencie in 1984 . I just recently started my search for my birth mom and decided to go to the web site and found out it was no longer open. Im desperately trying to find my birthmom and now i feel like im at a dead end road. Does anyone know where all of there records are now. My birthday was september 26 1984. If u have any info that mught help me in my search please please contact me at [email protected] The smallest piece of info is greatly appreciated.

  25. I was born in Ft worth TX Thats about all I know. Thank you for resonding to my post . Im praying That someone might have the smallest piece of info for me.

  26. Texas is a horrible state to work with. I asked on the Bastard Nation BEST List if anyone knows how Texas records and searachs operate. Have you registered with ISRR.? If not, that’s the first step.

  27. A desperate attempt. Marley & fellow readers, Los Niños handled my parents adoption of me from Latin America in the 80s. Being that they’ve been closed, I suppose there isn’t any way to get paperwork from my adoption? What governmental department would I need to contact in the State of Texas to get a hold of the records? Ideas?

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