Texas Blank Slate: Adopters Have No Right to Background Information

More tales from the wacky world of adoption. I am only going by the news article I’m using below. I’d like to think there is more to this story but since it’s Texas and the topic is adoption…

WFAA-TV, Dallas-Fort Worth reports that the Texas Attorney General has told would-be adopters “Phillip” and “Sara” that they have no right to know the background of the four children they were adopting from the state’s foster care program.
In 2008, already the parents of five biological children, the Arizona couple was suckered by a Texas Department of Family and Protective Services flyer advertising a sibling group. Before they knew it, instead of adopting one child as planned, they were hooked on the sibs. Although the sibs had suffered “some neglect and physical abuse,” Texas authorities, they claim, told them the kids, ages, 3, 4, 5,and 6 were healthy and not in therapy. They were assured that the children had suffered no sexual abuse.
Within a couple weeks of arrival at their new home, the two oldest were molesting the younger bio kids.
The Arizona placement agency the couple worked with told them to contact their Texas caseworker. The paperwork they received back from Texas, including reports of severe sexual abuse and devastating psych evaluations were described by WFAA as “too graphic to share” with viewers. That’s what Texas must have thought, too, when they suckered “Phillip” and “Sara” into taking the kids off their hands.
Of course, the agencies are eating themselves. The Arizona agency (name not publicized, naturally) claims it never received the evaluations and sexual abuse files from Texas. Texas CPS says, in a veiled admission of guilt, that the full case history “should have been given to the agency.” Everybody is covering their ass or some government functionary is covering it for them. The Texas Attorney General says that the CPS case worker and her supervisor, who “Phillip” and “Sara” are now suing, enjoy immunity from prosecution. If you’re thinking about adopting from Tarrant County CPS, don’t!
It gets better:

The Texas Attorney General’s office argues that if any harm was done to the Arizona family, it was the fault of the adoptive children or the Arizona agency they worked through — not the Texas caseworkers. Further, the state attorney argues, Texas families don’t have a legal right to know the histories of the children they adopt or foster.

Let me repeat that: No legal right to know the histories of the children they adopt or foster. Are these people smoking Spice? Don’t ever buy a used car in Texas!
I really can’t believe I’m reading this. Even reactionaries like Gladney are real picky now about background information getting to adopters, if for no other reason than to keep from being sued. Unlike government hacks, Gladney hacks don’t have immunity. If the AG thinks adopters and fostersers don’t have a right to know anything about the charges they’re inviting into their homes and families, you can bet they think bastards have no right to know anything about themselves.
It’s also disturbing that a bunch of fat government lawyers have decided to pass the buck to two very troubled children. I’m surprised they didn’t blame “Philip” and “Sara” and their overachieving bio kids, too. Such is the state of current America where responsibility for inept government acts is placed on the head of six-year olds.
Are the folks down in the AG’s office so adoption illiterate that they’ve never heard of the seminal Burr v Stark Cty Bd. of Comms, Gibbs v Ernst, and a list of other wrongful adoption decisions? Unlike Ohio, maybe adoption fraud is OK in Texas. Or maybe “Philip” and “Sara” should throw up their hands and cry that if they’d known the truth they’d never have adopted the bad seeds. That would make the case consumer complaint, and the AG might sympathize with them.
Taking their adoption responsibilities seriously, however, “Philip” and “Sara” say they did not want to return the siblings to their sender. “These kids are not throwaway kids” “Sara” told WFAA. Arizona Children Services had other ideas, though. “Phillip” and “Sara” were warned if they kept the siblings, who have been diagnosed so dangerous that they demand “round the clock watching, their own children could be removed from their home because of an “usafe environment.” Then, somebody could adopt their kids! What a cluster….Thus, the couple were forced to relinquish the sibs to save the rest of their family. Now the siblings “are getting the help they need” (I bet!). The bios are in “counseling.” And “Philip” and “Sara” are in court.
Texas, you really know how to promote National Adoption Awareness Month.
Thanks, Marlena!

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5 Replies to “Texas Blank Slate: Adopters Have No Right to Background Information”

  1. I’m so glad you wrote about this. A friend sent me the link yesterday and I was just not up to writing about it. What will become of these children now, officially branded responsible for actions directly attributable to adult abuse so severe it’s “too graphic to share”?

    I feel sorry for everyone involved except the agency, the authorities, and the office of the AG.

  2. Horrid. Poor lost kids. Why would anyone with 5 kids take in 4 more, though? What will happen to these kids, is there any hope for them at all? The agency, and the government of the “great” state of Texas should all be shut down.

  3. This is so wrong on so many levels. Like, Maryanne,I cannot believe these people were permitted to adopt, when they had so many children of their own. Of course, I dont think anyone with bio kids should adopt, but this is one of the reasons why….

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