Blank Slate 2: More Texas Shenighans for National Adoption Awareness Month!

Sunday I reported that the Texas Attorney General’s office claims that paps and adopters have no legal right to know the background of the children they intend to adopt. This isn’t the end of of the story! After WFAA broke the initial story of ‘Phillip” and “Lisa’s” fight with Texas authorities to get background information on the four children they were trying to adopt, the station says it received numerous emails “detailing similar problems.” Today, right in the middle of National Adoption Awareness Month, WFAA broadcast another case of Texas Department of Family and Protective Services shenanigans. This time it’s the story of “Michelle” and “Dave” who seven months ago tried to adopt two brothers, 5 and 7, from the state system. Records sent by the Department indicated the boys had no history of abuse or disturbing or disruptive behavior outside of “tantrums.” Soon after placement, however, the older boy began to rage for hours, punch himself in the face until his nose bled, and continually screamed that he would kill his new family. Knives and scissors were locked up. The article fails to mention if the couple contacted DFPS. We assume they did, but it looks like they didn’t Continue Reading →

Texas Blank Slate: Adopters Have No Right to Background Information

More tales from the wacky world of adoption. I am only going by the news article I’m using below. I’d like to think there is more to this story but since it’s Texas and the topic is adoption… WFAA-TV, Dallas-Fort Worth reports that the Texas Attorney General has told would-be adopters “Phillip” and “Sara” that they have no right to know the background of the four children they were adopting from the state’s foster care program. In 2008, already the parents of five biological children, the Arizona couple was suckered by a Texas Department of Family and Protective Services flyer advertising a sibling group. Before they knew it, instead of adopting one child as planned, they were hooked on the sibs. Although the sibs had suffered “some neglect and physical abuse,” Texas authorities, they claim, told them the kids, ages, 3, 4, 5,and 6 were healthy and not in therapy. They were assured that the children had suffered no sexual abuse. Within a couple weeks of arrival at their new home, the two oldest were molesting the younger bio kids. The Arizona placement agency the couple worked with told them to contact their Texas caseworker. The paperwork they received back Continue Reading →