NAM/NAAM Day 16: Welcome Back Pound Pup Legacy

After a long hiatus, Pound Pup Legacy, one of the best–if not the best–online document sources on contemporary adoption corruption is back online… kicking ass with a beautiful new website…Go over and take a look, The site is huge, streamlined, and easy to navigate. I’ve only looked for a few specific topics so far, and am glad to see that everything is intact. Continue Reading →

Demons of Adoption 2013: The suspense is over and the winner is…

.…Raymond Godwin and Nightlight Christian Adoption aka Capobianco, Inc. I’m not surprised.  I can’t remember ever running into a more despicable gang of adoptahugs than the Cs and their entourage of baby grabbing lawyers,  adoption agents,professional media whores,PR hacks, racists, haters, religious nuts, and crybabies. They make the DeBoers look sane. The Demons of Adoption Award is a response to the annual Angels in Adoption Award sponsored by the Congressional Coalition for Adoption Institute (CCAI).  Ironically,  in 2010, Godwin and his wife Laura, the head of Nightlight Christian, received an Angels of Adoption. Award.  They were nominated by former Senator Jim DeMint (SC-R), now president of the conservative Coors-family founded Heritage Foundation and long-time friend of Bill Pierce, founding president of the National Council for Adoption.  A few years ago, a writer for the Heritage suggested that women be allowed by law to sell their parental rights. (not online; document in my possession.) Announcing the latest Demon, Pound Pups Niels and Kerry write: : Knowingly starting an adoption procedure that can reasonably be expected to be contested, is immoral. Adoption, when practiced, should increase a child’s stability in life, not lower it. Raymond Godwin and his wife  [director of Nightlight Christian]Laura Continue Reading →