NAM/NAAM Day 16: Welcome Back Pound Pup Legacy

After a long hiatus,  Pound Pop Legacy is back online!

PPL was one of the best–if not the best–online document sources on contemporary adoption corruption. It covered adoptee abuse, adoptee deportation, disrupted adoptions, the adoption black-market, crooked agencies and facilitators, corrupt governments, and a lot more.  It also held a discussion forum.  PPL was an essential resource for adoptee activists and researchers. I used it  for years, especially when writing about adoptee deportation,

But one day the site was gone.  I’m not sure what year. It’s been quite a while. Occasionally I’d check to see if it was back up.  My thought finally was that the Pup wardens, Niels Hoogeveen and Kerry Semon had just had enough. The best of us can take only so much and return to normal life.

But now…

Pound Pup Legacy is back kicking ass with a beautiful new website.

A couple of days ago, Niels posted on Facebook:

The software for Pound Pup Legacy had been in use since 2006 and upgrades were no longer an option. It was a choice to either take down the site, or totally revamp and rejuvenate it.
We made the choice to do the latter and spent months building new software.
Since early October the new software has been online and most of the glitches have by now been tackled.
I hope the site will get a second lease on life this way and want to invite anyone interested to go over to the site for some serious oohing and aahing.
Thank you Niels and Kerry!

And, yes, we are oohing and aahing.

Go over and take a look, The site is huge, streamlined, and easy to navigate. I’ve only looked for a few specific topics so far, and am glad to see that everything is intact.

PPL sponsored the ever-popular annual Demons in Adoption Awards, a parody of the adoption industry’s night on the town, Angels in Adoption Awards, when agency wankers, adoptive parents, and a very occasional adoptee activist who snuck through the gate, get backslapped by politicians.

PPL opened Demon nominations to the public and held an open election.  No rigged voting machines! I never saw a nominee that didn’t deserve to win.

Winners include Bethany Christian Services, Nightlight Christian Services (embryo adoptions) the film Juno, neo-lib adoption flogger Elizabeth Bartholet, L-D-S Family Services, and the US House of Representatives.  In 2010  the now-defunct Joint Council for International Children’s Services, (JCICS)  the agency too big to die won the uncoveted award. Five years later was as dead as a Generalissimo Franco.

I hope PPL brings back Deons in Adoption.   I have plenty of nominees.



(No, it will never be X!)

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2 Replies to “NAM/NAAM Day 16: Welcome Back Pound Pup Legacy”

  1. Thank you so much for this post Marley.

    Back in 2016, the software we used at the time started becoming unusable after a server upgrade. At the time, I had a very time consuming job, which left me without much energy to work on PPL. Last year, that work ended and I took a sabbatical, which I used to build the new software. The new system uses all modern technology, and having coded it myself, I know all the details to keep it up to date.

    I am now working on filling in the back log of cases that we missed since 2016. Of course, it’s impossible to know how many we missed, but I already added over 100 cases from 2016-now, so it doesn’t look as abandoned as it used to.

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