Adoption Business Cards: More adoptee commercialization in the Age of Look at Me

One of the more popular methods of baby swooping is cornering your waitress at a restaurant.  I don’t know how many accounts I’ve read over the years where PAPs insinuate themselves into a pregnant waitress’s personal business, offering to adopt her baby–just in case she’s in the market for a Worthy. (More couth PAPs just leave a note at the table.  “Call me. I’ll  take your baby off your hands  And btw, here’s a 30% tip to help you decide.”)  But now we have actual business cards to take care of those anxious moments when you discover you’ve left your flyers and notepad at home or you’re just a bit shy. If nothing else, the cards may get your waitress to at least “think about the adoption option,” which until she saw your glowing faces she’d found abhorrent. Continue Reading →

Truly Stupid PAPs: I’m adopting from where?

I spent a good part of yesterday trying to repopulate my Twitter account that’s been fried for probably a year. In the process Twitter gave me a continual feed of “Similar to Daily Bastardette” accounts which I dutifully checked out.  I found  new people I’d never heard of and old one’s I’d forgotten. Amongst the forgotten was Reunited Cricket  known for her infamous yet deserving Hall of Shame Blog Awards highlighting the blogs of truly stupid paps and adoptive parents. The irony, of course is that the awardees have no idea why they’ve been inducted into the Hall of Shame. I mean, these are the type of folks who upon the arrival of Baybee Bumble would hang a Kinko’s-generated GOT’CHA banner across their porch, with balloons and rainbow unicorns floating over it.  I thought I’d seen it all through the years, but Cricket this week has uncovered a blog so inane, so stupid that its author makes Melanie Capabianco look like Saint Clare of Assisi.  The award-winning entry is entitled Azer-by–wha?  It recounts the blogger’s attempt to adopt from Azerbaijan though she’s not sure if it’s in Asia or Europe. In the process, this rube manages to insult the entire Continue Reading →