Gladney Goes Full Georgia Tann

Gladney went full Georgia Tann on Tuesday with their “superkids” Twitter-run profile of Kade, a 5- 1/2 year old they are preparing for the Taiwan-USA pipeline. I am pretty sure he is too young to give his consent to be marketed to American white saviors, but what’s a little bit of privacy-stripping when it comes to forever-homing? Continue Reading →

Gladney’s Adoptive Parents Bill of Rights: What does it mean for adoptee rights?

This brings up a couple of questions:Is Gladney saying, with the save-face caveat (or warning?) that disclosure “may” be dependent on state laws–which of course, Gladney can influence in Texas and perhaps in other states?While making adoptive parents the domestic gatekeeper, is Gladney saying that it is OK for adoptees (usually) 18 and over to get access to the OBC, court records, and other recordsIs Gladney back-door endorsing the QuadA endorsement of record access?Then there is this weird statement: Continue Reading →

Blossoms Awards 2019: Gladney awards itelf for its good work

Now, we know that the adoption industry is shrinking, making the circle jerk tighter.  Nonetheless, we were surprised to read that all the awards went either to Gladney itself or close fellow travelers. (OK. One is actually set aside for a Gladney volunteer) . Continue Reading →

Gladney "Renounces" Re-Homing!

Edna Gladney–Greer Garson she wasn’t Renounce: : to say especially in a formal or official way that you will no longer have or accept (something) : to formally give up (something) : to say in a formal or definite way that you refuse to follow, obey, or support (someone or something) any longer….Merriam Webster Citing  “a strict code of adoption ethics,” prominent sealed and secret adoption agency, The  Gladney Center, has issued an astounding press release and apparent confession: Gladney Fights for the Protection of Vulnerable Children and Renounces Unregulated Re-homing.  The statement, issued on September 19 says in part:  Fort Worth, Texas- The Gladney Center for Adoption was saddened and sickened  by the investigative reports featured by Reuters and NBC news that detailed the practice called “re-homing” of children by their adoptive parents ­when there is no investigation and preparation of the potential new family.  This story chronicles the desperate actions of adoptive parents who turn to the internet or social media to find new homes for the children they previously adopted.  The Gladney Center for Adoption, as well as the entire adoption community, have renounced this activity.    Gladney shares in the shock and concern over the damage these actions Continue Reading →