Oh, No! Bethany Supports Baby Dumps

You never know! According to Florida’s A Safe Place for Newborns Facebook page, Bethenny Frankel, late of The Apprentice: Martha Stewart, The Real Housewives of New York, Bethenny Getting Married, and now Bethany Ever After (how does one make herself that important and get away with it?) auctioned off three dresses and one set of ice skates worn by Herself on Ever After and Skating with the Stars (came in 2nd against All My Children’s Rebecca Budig.) We’re sorry we didn’t find this earlier. Bidding closed on May 23 with a total take of $2271. Recipients included Nick Silverio’s baby dump, A Safe for Newborns, and The Candie’s Foundation of Bristol Palin fame. Hit here for more information and links to the various eBay auctions. BTW, the skates went for $830.00. At least she’s not talking about adopting a saved-from-the-gutter refugee. Yet. A Baby for Bethenny?


Now that you brought it up, Robin…Here is the latest “safe haven” news release from A Safe Place for Newborns distribution list, September 8, 2008. ( This press release is not online. I tried to post the entire email, with graphics, here, but due to the vagaries of Blogger, the right half of the page was cut off. If anyone would like the original email, let me know and I”ll forward it to you.) A Precious Life Saved and Now a Future. A Mother and Father decided to have their baby born safely in a Hospital. The baby is a health little boy. Not able to properly care for for this child, they made a compassionte decision to leave the baby in the “Safe Haven for Newborns” program. They told us – “We want him to have a chance in life and now he will.” The baby’s name is Andreas We are assisting the biological parents at this time. Saving Lives: Newborns and their parents! Our mission contiones…………Saving one life at a time. Nick Silverio, Founder. Our mission continues………..Saving one life at a time. Nick E. Silverio, Founder Please visit www.asafehavenfornewborns.com to learn more. REMEMBER: A newborn left under the Continue Reading →