Support Bastardette’s Family! Blatant Plug for Mark Jennings Reese

This isn’t about adoption …but…

I’m making a blatant plug here for my nephew, comedy writer and comedian Mark Jennings Reese. Marko is the son my late bio brother, Mark Reese, and one of the funniest people I’ve ever met. Of course, he wasn’t performing when I met him, but if he’s that funny in real life, I figure he must be funny on the stage, too.

Marko will appear on the Tobyriffic Show Friday night on Albuquerque Cable Access 27. You can watch him live if you’re in the area, or on the ‘net, if not. Here’s his invitation from Facebook:

Mark invited you to The Tobyriffic Show and says “Friday night at 8PM MDT / 10PM Eastern, you can see me bring the funny LIVE. If you live in Albuquerque, you can see this from COMCAST Cable Access Channel 27. Anywhere else, you can see this from;”

(The last link takes you to the live stream)

Support Bastardette’s Family! It took long enough to find them!

Watch Marko live and for free.
When he’s rich and famous and doing the Bellagio, you can say you saw him when…

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6 Replies to “Support Bastardette’s Family! Blatant Plug for Mark Jennings Reese”

  1. yeah, he is cute.

    a friend wrote me and said he was reading this book called:

    “approval addiction”

    said he thot everyone should read it for one reason or another…

    everyone except marley should read, just kidding

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