Here’s a small update on Silsby and Coulter’s newest hearing that I posted earlier. Reuters reported last night that the dynamic duo’s hearing will drag on for a few more days, so it appears that the orphaholic martyrs will be buried in their well-deserved jail cell until midweek. Hopefully longer.

Investigative judge Bernard Sainvil said that before freeing Laura Silsby and Charisa Coulter he wanted witnesses that he had already examined in the Dominican Republic to give their testimony in Haiti. “The Americans will have to stay in jail while I hear those people … the hearings will take place Monday and Tuesday, and they won’t be released before I finish,” Sainvil told Reuters.

In case you haven’t seen this video of Silsby and Coulter going to court the other day….note that Ms Coulter’s lack of charm school training is showing.


  1. For a second there I thought she was wiping away tears, maybe at getting caught.Then I put on my glasses and saw she was giving the thumbs up…what for I wonder?Perhaps letting us know God is still on her side.

  2. I agree belinda K I think its supposed to be something like, look at me im so smiling and happy because I have God on my side. She doesnt think it just makes her look stupid.

  3. I like the way she boredly scratches her nose. It’s so boring hanging out at the Port au Prince Hilton when she could be back home Meridian…doing what?

  4. What would Charisa be doing? Changing diapers, of course.

    By the way, Jorge/Yoram/Puello/ Migdal and his other imaginary friends are back. Following his command performances at El Mundo and the New York Times, Jorge the lawyer has again presented his case at and At failedmessiah he also takes on the persona of his Mama, Ana. Add another alter ego to the list.

    It appears that he is becoming increasingly delusional, erratic, confused, deranged. Just a matter of time..

  5. BD, I am curious to see whether the real estate agents/straw buyers will actually enter into Haitian jurisdiction Monday or Tuesday. We’ll see.


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