Remember long ago when “safe havens” were supposed to save newborns from dumpsters?

This is the latest from Nick Silverio at in Florida:

May 13th, 2009

Dear Friends of “Safe Haven”,

A little boy was born this month at a Hospital in North Florida under the “Safe Haven” program. He and his mother were doing very well. This is the one hundred and thirty first (131) baby saved from the dangers of abandonment, from an almost sure death.

The mission continues…..saving one life at a time.

Nick Silverio

How can a baby be born “under a ‘Safe Haven’ program”? “Safe Haven” laws at the very best, were meant as emergency custody procedings and have nothing to do with birth procedures. Now in Florida, at least” it seems there’s a special type of program for those who can’t be bothered–or who are purposefully kept from knowing how– to make a real adoption plan or get real counseling or make real informed consent. Or how to keep their baby.

As we warned, baby dumping has become normalized. Just another consumer choice and on the state’s dime to boot. Talk about abuse of a bad law.

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  1. “This is the one hundred and thirty first (131) baby saved from the dangers of abandonment, from an almost sure death.”

    A little presumptuous, perhaps? It’s quite a jump to think that this mother, who went to a hospital and gave birth, was a danger to her child. The mother chose to have a medically supervised birth. It’s not as if she secretly gave birth in a public restroom, run down SRO or dorm room, ready to immediately stuff the child in the toilet or trash.

    The hospital staff could have surely done a LOT better than the staff person who said, “Just Safe Haven the kid.” There is no reason whatsoever that a real adoption plan couldn’t have been made here.

  2. This is just fast track to adoption, circumventing proper channels to ensure that the child’s history gets erased.

    Laurie said “There is no reason whatsoever that a real adoption plan couldn’t have been made here.”
    Absolutely. I know of a case where this was done.

  3. I guess my question here is – if this mom delivered at the hospital and was supposively already shifted into the “safe haven” law, then there was evidence that she was in a state of desperation over caring for and raising her child. So my question is, was this desperation addressed? Did they find out why it was she felt like she had no other choice and make available to her solutions for what her fears were so she could first find answers for whatever desperation was controlling her before ever considering her baby becoming a part of the “Safe Haven” law?

  4. Florida is adoption central. You can bet that this mother got the best brain-washing that money could buy. It’s sick! Believe me Cassi, the SW’s in this state encourage a mother-to-be’s insecurities. AND they would never let anyone like, say, me, within a hundred feet of her.

  5. This is so bullshit.
    I personally know of a situation where a baby was left in the hospital by his mother, and was subsequently adopted through the proper channels.
    Like Laurie says, there’s no reason why this couldn’t have been done in the same way.

  6. Marley and I once had an email exchange about the SH issue.

    Marley wrote to me that most of the “abandoned” babies had truly been left at the hospital – not born somewhere else and left at a SH location.

    What Kippa relayed.


  7. Such Utter Bullshit.

    Safe Havened Born. UGH

    But as usual the blinded will see this as a good thing, as a gift , a truly remarkable wonderful thing


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