From today’s Chicago Sun-Times on Dawn Geras, “safe haven advocate” and founder of Illinois Save Abandoned Babies Foundation:

It still happens, and it drives Dawn Geras out of her mind: Infants are abandoned on doorsteps, in alleys, in garbage bags, all places where they may not survive.

I don’t know about you, but should somebody so easily driven out of her mind be teaching new mothers how to anonymously abandon their babies with no shame, no blame, no names?


  1. I just wish she and others like her would permanently lose whatever part of their so-called minds that allows them to believe anonymous abandonment should be legal.

  2. We have that same specious law, here in FL. It doesn’t drive me crazy….it just makes me sad that we still stigmatize mothers so that they feel they must do something like that. I’m with you, Kippa. It should NOT be legal.

    There should be, as Marley suggests, a safe place for mothers to go for education and assistance where they won’t be hoodwinked or dismissed as unfit without even trying to help and educate them.

  3. As wrong as it is to abandon a baby, it is just as wrong to let the baby’s Mother abandon the baby’s idenity for him or her. Of course since closed records are still exhalted in this country, and no one in the Adoption Industry cares about our feelings, it doesn’t surprise me that they only take care of half of the problem with safe haven laws. It’s too bad she can’t connect the dots and think on straight line to sanity instead of wandering delusionally in the middle of the street thinking she has taken care of all of an abandoned infant’s problems just because the child was left at a firestation…

  4. I’m waiting for the first teenager “legally” abandoned under Nebraska’s Safe Haven law. They can be a handful at that age. ;o)

  5. Gayle said ” I’m waiting for the first teenager “legally” abandoned under Nebraska’s Safe Haven law. “
    Me too. So much for the ‘anonymity’ option.
    Further evidence that, like Robin said, it’s a specious law.

    Anyway, should be quite a circus 🙂

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