Just in time for the new year! Tuesday (January 2) Bastardette will be a guest on Talking About Adoption hosted by Donna Montalbano broadcast on WSAR 1480 AM, Fall River, Massachusetts. The subject, of course, will be the Massachusetts records access fiasco. Jack Sweeley, a member of the MARTA Executive Committee will join her for what promises to be a rousing critique of SB 2690–the bill that makes some adoptees more equal than others.

WSAR isn’t broadcast on the ‘net, but you call in questions–or email them.

Call-in: 508-673-1480

Email: [email protected]

Speaking of Adoption is the only New England radio program exclusively devoted to adoption issues. Veteran broadcast host Donna Montalbano brings on the experts every week to inform and enlighten her listeners about the world of adoption.


  1. I have spent the last hour reading through your blog and you have very interesting points. I have two very close friends who had babies through artificial insemination and I haven’t thought about a lot of the points you have raised. I am not part of the adoption triad, but I have spent years researching (to write a novel) and it never ceases to amaze me how complicated and aching things can get. My email is [email protected]–my name is Maureen. Thanks for your postings–

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