For your weekend reading pleasure check out BB Church’s new blog: The Triad is a Five-Legged Stool.

For a long time now, Bastardette, rather inarticulately and not often enough, has argued that the adoption “triad” is a lie–a semantic weapon created by the adoption industry to separate, segregate, manipulate, and control the people most effected by its machinations: Us.

The industry’s “triad” is our “triad.” Just how Good Adopteeing can we get?

How else can we explain the easy acceptance of “implied promises,” “protective” legislation, and the eternal AdoptionLand pissing wars? As long as we let industry-constructed language define us, we loose.

While Bastardette blathers, BB articulates. In just a few hundred words BB Church deconstructs the Holy Adoption “Triad,” our relationship to the industry and the state, and shows that language does matter. The political implications are evident.

This is important stuff. Anyone interested in taking control of the discourse and up-ending the bureaucrats, social engineers, and thugs in the lobby, needs to read this. And use it.

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