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(above) Radical anti-adoption law types – Maine.

This weekend one of Bastard Nation’s opponents attacked us on their MySpace page calling us “radical anti-adoption law types.” We assume that they mean BN and our friends, too.

Our crime was sending out an action alert in which we requested that you join us and Hawaii’s adoptee rights organizations in contacting Governor Linda Lingle to voice your opposition to HB 1830 and ask her to once more veto safe havens.

(r) Radical anti-adoption law types – New Hampshire

At the bottom of their outburst our opponents republished the alert in an attempt, I suppose, to show their readers what kind of wild-eyed unreasonable, souls oppose government facilitated anonymous infant abandonment and in the larger sense, oppose identity theft through sealed birth records. We hope that their readers were curious enough to hunt us out and visit our MySpace page where they can see for themselves the face of the “radical anti-adoption law types” who inhabit BN MySpace. We hope that they went to your pages, too, and read not only your thoughts on adoption, but saw that you are no different from them except that your life has been impacted by adoption.

Radical anti-adoption law types – Massachusetts

When I look at the faces of adoption on our MySpace page, I don’t see any “radicals.” I see a lot of normal looking people who hold jobs, own homes, rear children, and pay taxes. I see a group of extremely creative, intelligent people who dare to question adoption industry-driven laws that seal public records and hide families from each other under the excuse of “privacy” and other spurious claims in order to keep their murky business activities safe from scrutiny. Is there any other “family practice” outside of adoption that promotes secrecy, forged public records, and anonymity and calls its “beneficiaries” ungrateful and radical?

Who’s the radical?

Radical anti-adoption law types”- Oregon: Max has his records. Why don’t we?


  1. As stated previously, the Morriseys are banned from posting on The Daily Bastardette. All of the “deleted comments” on this page appear to be posted by them or their agents, so they have been removed.


  2. I attempted to post a comment on the babysafehaven myspace page. It did not, however, get approved. This, despite the fact that there was no foul language or libelous statements made in the comment.

    Below is the comment:

    “Maybe the Governor would be interested in California statistics. After 6 years of Safe Haven enactment, the death rate of newborns found abandoned dead has NOT decreased. Lawmakers are presented a growing number of infants abandonded alive legally and illegally, but there is clear statiticial data from 58 County Coroners offices to refute any correlation.



    Safe Haven law in California has been ineffective in decreasing the number of newborns found dead. It has, instead, left hundreds of newborns with no medical or familial history for a lifetime.”

    Safe haven laws were enacted in 2001 in California. That is 6 years ago. The statistics in the charts go through the end of 2005, covering the first 5 years after enacting the laws, compared against the 5 years previous to passage of the safe haven laws. Although some years during each of these periods have had more abandonment deaths, and some less, the numbers over these time periods have shown no decrease in such incidents.

    I don’t see anything inherently wrong with posting an opinion backed up with facts handed to one directly from 54 of the 58 the California County coroners’ offices. One does not need to be a coroner in order to request specific data from these offices. The charts simply show the data these offices provided.

    How is this offensive?

  3. I decided I’d check once more at the end of the day, but alas, it appears that my post in question never did attain approval for display on the babysafehaven myspace page.

    Oh well, a long as I know I didn’t engage in the use of inappropriate language, name-calling or rude behavior, I can know that I submitted it in good faith. Indeed, I am quite lucky.

  4. Don’t be surprised, OLB. The level of the Morrissey’s truth and integrity changes about as often as Jean changes her hair color.

  5. Perhaps there may be some confusion about where I do my blogging. Oneluckybastard is my Blogger name, not my Myspace name, so indeed I cannot be found on Myspace under that name. My Myspace name is lauriedb. It’s not the most exciting of pages, because I don’t do my blogging there. For example, although I’ve had it for about a year, it only has one picture of me. Since I don’t do much networking on Myspace, I’ve only added one friend. I, however, take the opportunity to put up information about me when I made the page, such as what I do, what I like, my work, my school and such other tidbits.

    I must admit that I really don’t blog frequently. With working full time, having a great husband and studying for my R.N. (a quite complimentary educational addition to my B.S.W. and subsequent social work experience, it seems to me), I usually just have time for smaller posts as opposed to larger blogs. But, that’s the beauty of a good, full life filled with many positive activities and opportunities, though. I probably get a blog in about once a month or so. Right now, things are a tad slower in my life, so I’ve been a bit more active.

    I must, therefore apologize to you, Anonymous, for the confusion. You must not blog here at Blogger, Mr. Mous. (For the sake of simplicity in posting I’ll take the liberty of assuming the male gender. I apologize if this presupposition is incorrect.) I conclude this because when I click on your name, I don’t go to a Blogger page for you. With so many choices on the ‘Net, however, I’ll bet you blog elsewhere. After all, it’s a bit much to blog in more than one place.

    I do feel bad that I made you feel what sounds like a bit of dismay and confusion. Fortunately, I understand how frustrating it can be to not find that for which one is searching. Sometimes it leads to making harsh statements, including libelous ones. I, myself, recall feeling that way at times when I was a wee one and I became frustrated about something my parents said or did that I didn’t quite understand. It happens.

    Again, Mr. Mous, I apologize for any confusion.

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