According to the AP, a father dropped off his 15-year old daughter at Omaha’s Immanuel Medical Center tonight. No details until tomorrow. I guess poor Todd Landry, spokesperson for HHS wants to get a full night’s sleep. I’ll keep you updated.

The race is on now.

Anybody want to start a parlay sheet?

Earlier tonight my local Fox News affiliate ran a story on the Fiasco. Sen. Arnie Struthman, father of this monster, was on saying..get this…we never dreamed this would happen!



  1. I’m just speechless! I didn’t even hear this on last night’s news in New York. Did anyone? Maybe I was in the bathroom?!? Why isn’t this all over the newspapers instead of some of the garbage they put up front? No joke — if not for this blog, I’d have not been aware of this from the getgo. That’s scary.

    So, they cannot prosecute the parents…but can’t they come up with some way of making them responsible???

  2. I get where parents should be responsible, but perhaps these are people at the end of their ropes. I see it as a system that has let them down in caring for mentally ill children.

    Parents should have more resources than a “safe haven.”

  3. From Kevan:
    Anon. said:
    “I see it as a system that has let them down in caring for mentally ill children.”

    I agree. Everyone is afraid of the “S” word right now (socialism.) There’s nothing wrong with using some ideas from socialism. How’s that lassaiz faire capitalism working for us? LOL, it ain’t!

    “Parents should have more resources than a “safe haven.”

    I agree. We can’t keep going on like we are. When people are throwing away babies, there’s something inherantly broken in the society. Putting in a recycle bin doesn’t solve the problem. Our society is broken and what passes for a culture here does not value humanity or human dignity.

    “I get where parents should be responsible, but perhaps these are people at the end of their ropes.”

    I wonder why people allow themselves to get there without a fight. On the other hand, what does society teach us? When something is not convenient, you throw it away. Everything in our society is disposable. This society with its false values have created this situation. And because it’s not pretty, they want to hide the reality. That’s where “Safe Haven” laws come in. Rather than admitting the entire socio-economic system and government are inherantly unjust, they have to act like there’s something wrong with these mothers. Well, it’s certainly not the MALES, right? No, it’s not the fact that society quietly snickers behind its hands as the males walk away and wash their hands of the lives they created, right? And then, off to create more. Society sits and says “Oh, but I wouldn’t do that!” Bullshit. There ain’t a set of hands in the house what ain’t got blood on ’em.

  4. I have to agree that people are terrified that something in the US that benefits our citizens might smack of socialism. SO FRICKEN’ WHAT?? There comes a time when the welfare of our people and a social conscience has to outweigh the precious “bottom line.” Where are the family values people? Oh, that’s right…that just applies to the affluent, “right kind” of families. Just as with sexuality, our society is still in the Puritanical Dark Ages when it comes to helping the mentally and emotionally ill and offering support to their parents and caregivers. Kevan, we are seeing the same sickness.

  5. Nebraska’s governor has called for a special session in mid-November to revise the law.

    Get your kids to Nebraska before Novembe 14!


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