Adoption blather is a vital part of a candidate’s bonifides to office. Here in Ohio we’ve been subjected to two especially pernicious ads.

Here’s one that raises PAP entitlement and US neo-imperialism to new heights of arrogance. It features a local PAP couple who whined long distance to Cong. Pat Tiberi’s office when…oh, dear… an Uzbek court “opposed” their adoption plan. Within 24 hours of Pat’s call to the FSU hinterlands, “their child” was safely home in the US. So much for Uzbek sovereignty and the country’s right to their own children. What size are those jackboots, Pat?

And here is Ohio Supreme Court Justice Evelyn Lundberg Stratton running for re-election on an “adoption reform” platform. Don’t get too excited. Her idea of adoption reform is to make it easier for parental rights to be terminated.

I know who I WON’T vote for.

Thanks to my homie Dawn Friedman for reminding me of Tiberi’s ad


  1. I didn’t catch Tiberi’s name when I saw the ad first. I emailed Dawn and then had to use a contact I’ve made at NBC4i to catch his name again.

    Yick and double yick, right?

  2. I’m duly impressed by Mr. Tiberi’s unspecified pressure on a foreign government and Justice Waht’s-her-name’s amended rules expediting adoption review. Yawn.

    It’s the 21st Century version of kissing babies, I guess.


  3. It used to be Mom, Baseball and Apple Pie. Now, it’s adoption and “look at how warm and fuzzy and concerned about all those babies I am.” What they don’t care to mention is that their platform plank on this one is mythology and they’d step into thin air if they ever stood on just that one issue. Yep, let’s speed up that adoption assembly line in the good, old American spirit of commerce and wealth. Grrrrr

  4. The pressure was not put on a foreign government, the adoption was already approved and signed by the Uzbek government. The issue was one of a paperwork problem with the US Embassy and the assistance given was in the couple’s daughter’s immigration. Nothing was “sped up”, no preferential treatment was given, it was simply a case of assistance with a form.

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