Ohio Right to Life is So Thankful for Adoption: Adoptees Don’t Need Rights

Happy Thanksgiving! If you’re one of those who don’t feel you have much to be thankful for this year, think again –unless you’re in or from Ohio, that is.

Ohio Right to Life wants you to be thankful for adoption!

ORTL, in fact, is so thankful for adoption that it got  together a few of its friends to tell us how thankful they are for it and us–who make their miracle happen.

ORTL  fo decades has been the single greatest impediment to restoring records access to Class Bastard Ohio.

ORTL loves us so much that it wants to protect us from our birth certificates and our rights.

ORTL’s  hobby horse trumps the rights of thousands.of Ohio adoptees.

ORTL: “Promoting Life” while screwing adoptees and their families.

A drawing of her family 
by Olivia Gonidakis

This Thanksgiving, Ohio Right to Life is grateful

for the gift of adoption as a loving and life-saving alternative to abortion. 

Because November is National Adoption Month, it is important to take time to celebrate the selfless sacrifice of birthmothers and the gift of children. Join us by reading words of thanks from members of the pro-life family who have been adopted or who have chosen to adopt.

Have a blessed Thanksgiving,
Ohio Right to Life

Secretary of State Jon Husted 

 “Right now, across the country, I know there are young women agonizing over the decision to have a baby they cannot properly care for or to have an abortion. I want them to know there is another option in adoption. Organizations like Ohio Right to Life can connect women to the services they need to get through the pregnancy and give birth to a child that will be adopted, loved and go on to lead a happy life. I can tell you this first hand because that is my story; I was adopted 44 years ago and I owe all that is good in my life to the woman I barely knew, but who gave me the gift of life.”  

Mike Gonidakis, Executive Director, Ohio Right to Life

“God’s perfect plan for our family was through the blessings of adoption. We are so very thankful for our daughter Olivia as well as the sacrifice and life-saving decision her birthmother made. As a society we must continue to promote adoption and offer compassion and support to both birthmothers who place their child for adoption and families who adopt these wonderful babies.”

Darlene Yost, Wife of State Auditor Dave Yost

 “The Yost house is a bit chaotic this week in preparation for Thanksgiving. I’m going overboard (Dave says, as usual) for our family gathering.  I get that from my mother. But, not inherited through blood, for you see, I’m adopted. Chosen.

As we approach this day where we reflect about what we are thankful for, Mom and Pop are high on that list.  I am who I am because they chose me – and made me their daughter. Their own.

It is only recently that I realize how grateful I am to the woman who gave me birth. It occurs to me that she chose for me as well. She chose life. I pray she is as blessed by family as I have been.”

The Speicher Family, Pro-Life Supporters

“We are profoundly grateful that God formed our family through the gift of adoption. Our four children are the joy of our life! We hope in some small way that our example will encourage mothers in difficult circumstances to choose life and couples to be open to the blessing of adoption. Happy Thanksgiving!”  

Interested in Adoption in Ohio?
We are very grateful for all of the assistance provided to families seeking children, and to children seeking families. Learn more about adoption from the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services by clicking HERE.

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The mission of Ohio Right to Life is to promote and defend the right to life of all innocent human beings, from the time of fertilization until natural death. 

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3 Replies to “Ohio Right to Life is So Thankful for Adoption: Adoptees Don’t Need Rights”

  1. RTL is a thorn in the ass of all women everywhere, doubly the adopted. Why they oppose OBC access is beyond me – it wouldn’t affect their mission at all.
    But their mission is scary in and of itself – “…from the time of fertilization until natural death.” One of these days a “personhood amendment” will pass somewhere, precipitating a slide into pre-Roe.

    Sometimes, having a purely commercial interest like Bethany as a foe is preferable. They’re easier to understand and, for that, I’m thankful.

  2. Jimm Jimm, Jimm. You just don’t get it. If YOU get your obc, then at least a dozen pregnant women will run out and get an abortion. It’s YOUR fault. And MY fault. It’s LORRAINE’S fault. Pat Robertson once claimed that the adoptee rights movement was just a pro-abortion front.

    Anti-aborts use any nail they can find to bang their hammer on. Stem cell research and gay marriage are two others Doncha know that gay marriage–gay sex in general–is about non-repro sex and we can’t have than, can we? I suppose if gay folks just get het-married and reproduced like they should, what they do on the side would be sorta OK. How I loathe these people.

    I agree with you, the parts of the adoption industry that oppose records access makes sense, even if we don’t like it. They do have something at stake. From what I’m seeing, though, is that more and more opposition is collateral. I think most of the industry would just like the issue to go away and in a way don’t care that much. It’s the others like anti-aborts and the ACLU–but particularly anti-aborts that fan the flames. And, of course, politicians for any number of reasons.

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