NEW JERSEY UPDATE: Adoptees’ Birthright Bill Reported Shelved Until Fall–But Act Now to Kill It

Unofficial word (that is, it’s not on the New Jersey Leg website yet) is that the Adoptees’ Birthright Bill has been shelved until fall. According to news distributed earlier today to various lists, rumors of Gov. Chris Christie’s possible veto are very real. (Once it appears, I’ll link the official notice of postponement here.) *NOTE–I received official notice this morning. (see end of blog)

The following message came from NJCare under Pam Hasegawa’s signature. It reads in part:

From: Pam Hasegawa To: jersey Ad-v cates. Jersey Ad-vocates , NJad pt _network , A N S Adopti n-N ws-S rvice , Ad ption Umbrell

After consulting with prime sponsors and other co-sponsors we reached a consensus that it is in our best interest to avoid a veto or conditional veto by the Governor. With at least one meeting scheduled with the Governor’s staff next month, the Adoptees’ Birthright Bill was removed from the board list of bills to be considered by the Assembly this Thursday.

Actually, Thursday has become a committee meeting day and the final vote on the budget will be next Monday. Then recess until September.

We will continue through the summer reaching out to legislators who have reservations, do more research (will need help with this), and will depend on your continued letters, prayers and encouragement as we look toward conversation with the governor’s staff (and, hopefully, Governor Christie himself.>>>>>

NJCare plans to work this summer to convince the Assembly and Christie to support the bill. We’ll work, too: to kill it.

Bastard Nation was just about to send out a new action alert for you to contact the Assembly. We still want you to contact the Assembly (and Gov. Christie), so see the action alert directly below this blog for talking points.

BUT, with this additional information:

Bastard Nation has acquired a copy of NJCare’s contact and head count list; that is, an indication where each Assembly member stands on the bill. Go here, print it out, and make contact.

Also, see BLC’s blog: New Jersey S1406 (A1406/S799): Action Alert and Also Update, a detailed and thoughtful analysis of this greatly flawed bill’s implications for New Jersey and the rest of the country.

The Assembly and Gov. Christie cannot hear enough from those of us who support real bastard rights and not sloppy seconds.

Say it loud and say it proud:

I’m a bastard. I’m as mad as hell and I’m not going to take this anymore!

Session 2010-2011

The following bill(s) have been scheduled for a committee or a legislative session.
6/24/2010 1:00:00 PM Assembly
The Voting Session has been Canceled.
The Assembly will have a Quorum Call at 100 PM
Assembly Chambers

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9 Replies to “NEW JERSEY UPDATE: Adoptees’ Birthright Bill Reported Shelved Until Fall–But Act Now to Kill It”

  1. The integrity of this organization has reached a new low.

    A discredit to your cause.

    A discredit to your person.

    An eggregious decision to post this information.

  2. @ anon 10:08

    BN at a new low! Now that is hard to believe.

    Oh look, a picture of M58, I love those vintage fashions. I think I see my grandmother as a young woman in that picture.

  3. Our anonymous commenters don’t seem to understand politics.

    The head count that was sent out by NJCare went out to several lists. I’m on some of them. I didn’t have to steal them. The list was public knowledge.

    Either NJCare is stupid (head counts are NEVER sent out to the public) or the list was meant to be read, distributed and used. I’d have posted a headcount for NCFA or the ACLU, if they’d sent one out.

    I intend to write more about this at length when I recover from my poison ivy attack, which is currently on my hands, making typing a bit difficult.

  4. So crazylady,

    You think the anons don’t know about politics.

    Are you a hoarder?

    None of the anons claimed to know about politics, but I will guess most of them know that posting private email looks bad on the poster.

    Also, vintage poster offered no solution.

    Only a political oaf would have revealed how untrustworthy they were by making the post you made. I am not the “you are a discredit” poster, but certainly agree.

    It is a pity that you are you.

    Good luck in the rest of your life, but stay away from adoptee rights, you have done a lot more harm than good.

  5. Go back to your own blog, “anonynmous” I did not post a “private email” The email went out on several lists. Some of them I’m on. I received copies of the same email from people on those lists as well. If the headcount was so “confidential” it should not have gone out to hundreds of unknown people. As far as I know Crazy Tasy could be onone of them.

  6. I wish that more people and organizations were as consistent in their focus and steady in their pursuit of justice.

    SMAAC also supports overturning this awful bill, for many, many reasons. We are in agreement on the fact that it needs to be killed, just the details of the reasons are slightly different.

    I also belong to the lists that Bastardette does, and the entire purpose of these lists is to disseminate information as quickly as possible to the widest possible audience for publication. Why criticize when what is the intention is acted on? That is what it is for……

  7. I support Marley and BN in opposing this very questionable legislation. Perhaps not for the same reasons, but for complimentary ones. Any bill that invades a mother’s medical and psycho social records at the behest of the state is unethical. A bill simply opening the OBC should not run page after page with condition after condition. Compromise will not effect reform.

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