This morning The Omaha World-Herald and other Nebraska media (here and here) report that the state got its first “safe haven” catch since its new and improved law went into effect late last year. The baby, described as “a male Caucasian newborn less than 30 days of age” was dropped off by a family member at the Box Butte General Hospital in Alliance Monday night.

Nebraska’s post-fiasco law permits designated dumpers to drop off babies 30 days and younger no questions asked.

Did we say no questions asked?

According to Nebraska Health and Human Services Chief Executive Officer Kerry Winterer (RIP Todd Landry), in an HHS press release:

“It’s important to gather information like family medical history to meet this child’s current and future needs,” he said.

Officials asked that anyone with information call the HHS office in Gering at 308-436-6559, the Box Butte County Sheriff’s Office at 308-762-6464, the Alliance Police Department at 308-762-4955 or the Nebraska State Patrol at 308-632-1211.

What ever happened to no shame, no blame, no name?

The press release does not appear on the state’s “safe haven” page or HHS press release page. If and when it does, I’ll link it here. I’ll also update when Nebraska’s self-servers comment on how they saved just one…

Alliance, Nebraska, population 8,959 (2000 census) is located in northwest Nebraska. Before it became Nebraska’s first post-fiasco dumping ground it was known mainly for its replica of Stonehenge constructed from automobiles.

UPDATE: The HHS press release is now up. Click here.


  1. Aw, isn’t that cute? The PR people said Nebraska better throw us a sop this time, something to make activist types and other bleeding hearts feel better. So it’s very important to have all this information we don’t require or even ask for. Very important. The kid’ll never have it but hey, we told you it was important. We wrung our hands once for you people.

    Did they ever change the law to define “designated dumper,” or is it still the case that anyone could walk in a dispose of a kid? How do we know it was a “family member” who dropped this baby off?


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