National Adoption Month and National Adoption Awareness Month. Is there a difference?

I had no idea there is a difference between National Adoption Month and National Adoption Awareness Month.  I have been using the term interchangeably for years and thought that’s what everybody else was doing, too.  But I’m adopted.  What do I know?

Today a poster on the Facebook page Adoption News and Events posed the question about NAM vs NAAM, and Ellie Cuardaign posted this link  from the adoption industry’s favorite propaganda churner” National Adoption Month vs National Adoption Awareness Month: Is there a difference?   I’m biased, of course, when dealing with that site.  Several years ago I was banned from posting there. hoo-has called me”disrespectful” to adoptees and adoptive parents for publishing  Nikto Ne Zabyt — Nichto Ne Zabyto, my memorial page for murdered and abused Russian adoptees.   See, has its own personal CIA to nanny uppity adoptees.  If anybody needs their script flipped  this month, it’s

Upon opening the NAM/NAAM page, I knew I was in trouble.  The article starts with, “The love of adoption is widespread.”  By who? The author fails to clarify, but we can pretty much assume she is referring to certain consumers of adoption and Edna Gladney, not Class Bastard whose birth records are impounded and sealed by the state and replaced  with fictitious documents and whose legal status is held in contempt by legislators in 43 states..

unicorn, stabBut then I’m not a unicorn.

I really fail to understand why we need to  have two adoption rah-rahs in November. Do we have two Christmases?  Only if you follow the Julian Calendar, and neither the US government or AdoptionLand does.

If both “celebrations” celebrate adoption, then why are adoptees excluded from all the fun?

Come #flipthescript with us and create your own fun..


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