NAM/NAAM Day 18: National Adoption Day 2023: God Did WHAT????

Today is National Adoption Day (NAD),  or as my friend blogger Baby Love Child calls it, a celebration of sealed records. (She has several good blogs memorializing this special day that I recommend highly. You can find them through the BLC search engine.)

I tend to avoid reading the unicorn narratives that show up in the media each NAD,  but this one caught my eye since it’s a local:  a report from KZTV-TV Corpus Christi and posted on Facebook  (scroll down). “Nueces County family finally able to adopt in an emotional ceremony.” Now, the story itself, as far as NAD goes, is fairly innoxious, but for the weird final impetus to adopt for the featured adopters Jonah and Tifanni Shalack, who already had bio kids:  the movie Instant Family.


At least they didn’t attribute the adoption to God unless that part was cut.

As adopted people, of course, we are accustomed to the  God tropes assigned to us, especially during NAM/NAAM/NAD.  We are: “God’s gift,” “God’s Plan” or “an answer to prayer”–all of which put a load on us, especially when we get older, turn into Satan’s ungrateful spawn, and want answers and paperwork. Then there is Rosie O’Donnell, back in her adoption facilitation days, telling a little adoptee on national television that she  (Rosie, that is) superseded God. “God made a mistake and put you in the wrong tummy, and I had to fix it.”

While according to these claims, God has some role in our adoptions, it’s generally a passive role– a magical thought process. The flick of a hand at best.  For goof-ups, He has Hs housekeeper Rosie O’Donnell and by extrapolation, “adoption professionals”  for a hefty fee, to clean up His mess.

It never stops.

KZTV doesn’t allow comments on its website, but around 30 were posted on Facebook. Oohs and aahs and blessed tears over the rightness and beauty of family-building with other people’s children.  These NAD kids will have much better lives through adoption, than their biological provenance determined for them.

One local posted

Adoption is such a beautiful thing. We adopted our daughter when she was 1 year old, she is now 30. We’ve always said God had to reroute her arrival, because she was always meant to be ours. After giving birth to 3 boys we needed our girl, so God found her for us! She’s an amazing mom to 3 boys of her own now!

God is a traffic cop, He reroutes babies from the path to biological perdition to the doors of Adoptatopia.



(No, it will never be X!)

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