Bastardette is so distressed about the end, holy moley as it is, of S3 of Mad Men that we simply can’t write tonight. Luckily, we recently purchased S1 on DVD to osmose. Then on to S2.

We’ve been knocking around for weeks looking for a discussion about Don Draper’s adoption issues. So far nothing specific. BTW, Basket of Kisses (love the name) is the best site for all things Mad Men, and we should only hope for such intelligent discussion about adoption! Of course, in some ways, Mad Men is ALL about Don’s adoption/identity issues and the whole American ethic of image creation and re-creation (unless it’s Caldecott Farm). But a Bastard Eye analysis just isn’t out there, except from Don himself, when he drifts momentarily back, to Dick Whitman.

I miss Don already and am too engrossed in mourning and withdrawal to discuss such esoterica tonight. However…

I’d love to hear your take on adpotion themes in Mad Men: Don’s double adoption, Peggy’s secret baby, Pete and Trudy’s aborted adoption. And boy, what will happened when obviously infertile Trudy learns that obviously fertile Pete knocked up Peggy in S1?

When I was in college my mother insisted I go into advertising. She thought I’d make a bang-up copywriter for reasons never made clear to me. Though I was attracted to the idea of living inside a Rona Barrett novel, I didn’t do it. I should have. I’d have a lot more money and I’d not be spending my time in front of a computer screen writing about adoption. Whatever, I don’t think I could have gone though the ’60s wearing print pussy bow blouses –and yes, that’s what they’re really called–and diddling Pete and Duck. Now Don Draper….

Addenda: The season’s finale crashed the Lipp Sisters’ Basket of Kisses server. it’s been a couple hour and it’s not back yet.

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3 Replies to “MY LAME MAD MEN BLOG”

  1. I LOVE Mad Men, too. Though it had never occured to me how many adoption themed threads there are in it. It bugs me that Peggy’s having Pete’s baby was never discussed between them – unless I missed a show. She finally revealed to him that she had his baby & then that was it. And I’m confused – is her sister raising the child? It’s like they just got tired of that whole story line.

  2. The baby was never discussed between Peggy and Pete as far as I know. He only learned about the baby this season. I think the subject will come back, though. MM is leisurely, and at some point it will happen Now that Peggy and Pete are sharing the desk at the new SCDP they’ll be thrown together more and I expect something may be said or done. Trudy has suddenly become interesting, so I don’t think Pete would try to resume his one-nighter with Peggy. He felt guilty about the au-pair anyway.

    I don’t know where the baby is. Cable only returned to my house in Feb. I’ve seen ;most of S2 in re-run all of S3 and only of S1, the last because I saw it in a hotel–and it blew me away. (I just got the complete S1 on DVD, but haven’t had time to watch it yet) I read someplace though, that the baby may not be with Peggy’s sister. We just dont’ know. It’s one of those mysteries.

    I hope Sal comes back.

    BTW, is Henry Francis creepy or what? Betty is in for a lot of problems if she sticks with him.

  3. I clearly remember the scene where she tells Pete about the baby because of the terminology. She didn’t say, “I made an adoption plan,” she said, “I gave him away,” and I remember thinking oh good, I’m glad they didn’t screw that up. Of course they don’t screw up much of anything, which is why an I’m addict, going through withdrawal now, it’s just too long to wait for S4. As to the baby’s whereabouts, I assumed her sister cared for him for a while then he was adopted because people didn’t use that phrase in the early sixties if the child stayed within the family.

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