Bastardette is so distressed about the end, holy moley as it is, of S3 of Mad Men that we simply can’t write tonight. Luckily, we recently purchased S1 on DVD to osmose. Then on to S2. We’ve been knocking around for weeks looking for a discussion about Don Draper’s adoption issues. So far nothing specific. BTW, Basket of Kisses (love the name) is the best site for all things Mad Men, and we should only hope for such intelligent discussion about adoption! Of course, in some ways, Mad Men is ALL about Don’s adoption/identity issues and the whole American ethic of image creation and re-creation (unless it’s Caldecott Farm). But a Bastard Eye analysis just isn’t out there, except from Don himself, when he drifts momentarily back, to Dick Whitman. I miss Don already and am too engrossed in mourning and withdrawal to discuss such esoterica tonight. However… I’d love to hear your take on adpotion themes in Mad Men: Don’s double adoption, Peggy’s secret baby, Pete and Trudy’s aborted adoption. And boy, what will happened when obviously infertile Trudy learns that obviously fertile Pete knocked up Peggy in S1? When I was in college my mother insisted I go Continue Reading →