To no one’s surprise, European Adoption Consultants beat the rap. Last night, EAC announced on its webpage :

EAC is proud to announce that we have received confirmation from the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation that our accreditation will remain in tact and valid. Our staff is honored to be allowed to assist you in completing your forever family.

Honored? Don’t they mean “relieved”?

When you invest as much time and money in the post-Soviet nomenclatura as EAC has, can there be any other outcome? In other words, the Ministry ka-chinged. The cows graze contentedly.

Let the good times roll!

BTW, does anyone know the provinace of “forever family?” I’ve heard it comes from dog rescue.


  1. phrases are used for hundreds of different meanings. why is is that you then compare this to animals?
    do you really think they say this t comapre children to dogs?.
    come on! just more negativity…may I add this is a thought coming from bloggers mind. I doubt eac and the staff and families adopting from them compare their ” forever families” to orphaned animals. the bloggers here are doing that. shame shame!

  2. It may come as a shock to you, but many adopted persons loathe the term “forever family.” Besides making adoptive families sound like kennels, the high number or re-homings, facilitated by money grubbing child transfer agents, belie the whole concept of “forever” And it insults natural families that are stomped asunder under the boot of state, church, and poverty

    Adoption is a commercial transaction created by statute. It no longer represents the beneficent language in which it’s promoted. Many adoptions work just fine, sure. But the adoption process also exploits women, de-links children from their culture and families, keeps family members secretand hidden from one another, and fills the homes of needy adults and the pockets greedy child brokers

    They entire child welfare industry grew out of 19th the animal-cruelty societies. While I do not believe that adoption and animal rights can be equated, there are certainly some interesting similarities. That the adoption industry is so lame as to nick a slogan from dog sheltering dosn’t surprise me.


  3. I suppose the families waiting to back to complete after a 1st trip are happy. that’s what I meant.
    taking kids out of the orphanages is better than the alternative of being left there their entire lives.
    many adults who have grown up in the system end up intitutionalizing their own babies shortly after being released. so the cycle continues. I’m sure the bloggers here know this already yet the madness continues to spew. I know intl can be corrupt!!!!!! and I know about the horror stories. I read the case families entire story and it is awful!!! I am in contact with so many families that have beautiful stories though. in life there is always going to be challenges and things going on that we don’t all agree with. making a huge deal about this forever families thing is silly. I am adopted and I have sibs that are bio to my parents and find no offense in it. it is not a big deal. I’m so grateful that I have my family.

  4. Marley, it warms my heart to know that there are adopted people who hate that term as much as many of us natural mothers do. We put it right up there on the inanity scale with “paper pregnant” and the “pregnant by adoption” tee shirts….to me, slaps in the face for all who brought forth life and those who lived those lives.

    To me, “adoption-speak,” especially as it is practiced in the US, is legal and psycological manipulation of mothers and their children and, as such, constitutes a form of abuse to both.

  5. Confessional time. It is with deep sadness I admit we used the term “Forever Family” when we sent out our “adoption announcements” for our son.

    Mea Culpa – we were new AParents who waited a year for our son (a year between trips).

    Today we would NEVER use that term. Nor would we use the term “Gotcha Day”.

    You see, even AParents can get a clue (ha ha ha)


  6. As a former EAC client I am not surprised as to the way they handled this matter on their website. When I was going thru the process over 4 yrs ago, they had a chat room set up to discuss adoption matters. When different clients started posting questions/complaints about their fees within two day the site when down. EAC sighted problems with the server and guess what it’s still not back up today. Don’t get me wrong I did continue with the process and have a beautiful daughter now, but hind sight I would have not chosen EAC as my adoption agency. They did not follow through on numerous things concerning my adoption of my daughter for instance I had to call them to remind them when my progress reports were due. Once my obligations with them were over I started getting a lot of invitations to events and asking for money. They had the chutzpah to ask for money for their Sunshine Project and the lowest amount they wanted you to give was $500 all the way up to $10,000. I found this disrespectful considering most people who adopt overseas have to beg and borrow to pay their adoption fees. My daughter is my joy and I would not trade her for anything but EAC definitely has its problems and it makes me wonder about the whole international adoption process.

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  7. I know that eac does fund raising for orphanages in several countries. you don’t have to make a donation. a lot of families want and do try to send support to the country or orphanage from where they adopted their child from.
    I think they are working on a big project called maria house. it is a home for older children to go live after they are released from the orphanage. this house isn’t a profit for eac. this is for kids that never get a permanent home domestically or internationally.
    eac makes you aware of the need and then you decide to help or not. eac does hold many events for post placement families. they do this consistantly and it is free.
    I used them for my adoption and so did several of my co workers and friends. they nor I have any major complaints. everything went as they said it would and I love going to events when they are in my area. I have donated in small amounts and they have always been appreciative. the employees I worked with were genuine and nothing ever seemed shady. I know there are snags here and there with any adoption but for me and many I know things went beyond well with this agency. sorry…i know this blog is anti eac but we would and will use them again as well as tell others to use the. top notch all the way.

  8. thats what its all about saving orphans! and of course, as long as
    there are “TRUE” orphans there will be
    adopters clamoring after them!

    I am a natural mother who had her baby taken at birth, not due to addiction or any other influence that those who got my baby might fantasize in there minds.

    It was because I was used by an domestic adoption industry that made a the decision that my baby would be better off without me. NOT true as most of our domestic adoption back in the mid sixties were done illegally just like those in the international arena of adoption are being done today.

    Its taking babies that AREN’T ORPHANS and claiming they are orphans.

    And the added benefit is the poor third world mothers can NEVER come back and knock on the adopters door to claim their child or tell them the truth, of how the adoption came about through the baby buying adoption industry.

    I was able to live to TELL the truth and my son’s adopter claimed I didn’t WANT HIM! Adopters SPEW when they put out there claim of just wanting a baby orphan or not.They don’t care as long as they get one.

    My son knows the truth and the adopter lives her lie.

  9. I guess you had a different expierence that I did, but it gave a creepy feeeling when I am giving someone money in a

    paperbag privately in a car when their is no one around. And the EAC room in Moscow is not open 24 hrs like they claim and their employees there were very unfriendly and taking you to a grocery store to me is taking you in a car not walking you the upteen blocks to it. I have talked to other people who have adopted thru other agencies and none of them had to pay their any of their fees in cash, all were done my cashier’s checks to the agency. Why did EAC require part in cash some on your 1st trip and some on your second and also their fees are way higher that other agencies. The last thing that made me leary of them when Gradma Cole called me after I brought my daughter home she asked how things went, when I

    started telling her some of the problems I encountered over in Russia she quickly changed the subject and on two different occassion of me trying to tell her she would change the subject, the last time she said she needed to go. I thought it was odd that she even called me since I had not ever heard from her but then I give her negativity she does not want to hear that. These are just my observations but maybe it will give some perspective parents cause to go a different when considereing adoption as their way to make a family.

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  10. [Snip bullshit post from Pro-EAC client. Take it to]

    Fav.Or.It. is telling the truth. I’ve heard the same thing she relays from OTHER EAC clients for both Russia and Guatemala.

    The “Grandma Cole” phone call – that’s a goodie, isn’t it? Makes you feel so special. Feh.

    EAC has it going on. They ain’t in it for the orphans. If they were, they’d help family preservation programs in their “producing” regions in Russia. Maybe even establish reliable foster care programs for the children.


  11. as far as russian orphans go…eac kids come from orphanages. the mothers and bio family have ample opportunity to come and get these kids…sometimes they do and more often they don’t. they don’t even visit these kids they give birth to. I know all about intl adoption and russia does have a sytem. I lost 2 referrals in the process. one time the bio mom came back and I was happy she did. another time the bio grandmother showed interest in the child and eac did not complete these adoptions for me. my child now was left at the hospital at birth.
    I’m sorry that the dometic adoptions in the 60’s took your child. that is horrible.
    carrying the cash in country happens with most agencies. I checked. even if you send a cashiers check it can be cashed and make its way to a foreign country anyway.
    it is upto russia to set up a different system as far as foster care there. putin has done some things to try and help with russians coing to take the kids out of orphanges and there are still a million of!
    eac cannot go into russia and change their laws.
    I belong to a group of moms and kids who adopted from russia. we support each other and the kids connect.
    they all didn’t aadopt from eac but most had similiar experiences.
    we love our kids and are so happy they are with us.
    I’m sure corruption but I believe that eac is ethical. mom cole is a nice lady. I met her at several eac functions. while her call was surprising it was also welcome.
    she’s a nice old lady.. she prob isn’t the one to complain to though.
    take it up with higer ups at eac.

  12. maybe the families who feel their adoptions were corrupt should start looking for the bio family?
    maybe you’ll find them and they will tell you that the industry lied and they will ask you to being your child back?
    maybe you’ll find them and they will start asking you for money to support them????
    maybe you will be asked for the child back from them.
    what then would you do?
    would you take the child to them?
    if something felt wrong about the adoption then why not just stop then? did you make a mistake out of being desperate for a child? maybe yes is your answer.
    this can be looked at in many different ways. that’s my point!
    I’m not trying to be mean I just think that there is a lot of judging on this blog and if you think you stole your child then do what you can to get them back where you think they might belong.
    god runs the big show…id be happy he blessed you with your child.

  13. The pro EAC comment is probably one
    of the family members trying to do
    damage control over the posts about them!

    Cash in bags in Russia or any foreign
    country stinks sounds to me like there is corruption involved.

    But as long as you got the product you bought things are ok so typical of those who want to adopt and will go into baby buying with a bag of cash to do it!

    wondering about all those “orhans” who are abused by the system such as Masha Allen used for sexual purposes for a single man. Disturbing thoughts on what hell’s these purchased kids go through and no one knows until they show up at Disneyland with the forever father having sex with him, and others.

    adoption and its happy ever after fantasy

  14. you know it all! though. you only hear what you want to hear. bio families abuse kids all the time. this isn’t just adopted kids. what is the percentage of good placements vs. bad?
    how many bio families are disfunctional all over the world?
    ridiculous here.

  15. Geez, I was only giving my viewpoint of my adoption experience. Didn’t mean to cause such a uproar. I am very happy with my daugher and I would not trade for anything in the world. I am honored and blessed to have given this chance and I am extremely grateful for her biological parents for their sarfice. If my daughter wants to search for them as she grows up and understands what adoption is I will help her find and connect with them again. I believe any child is not ours truly as we were not truly our parents child, we just all brought into this world and pass thru someone whether it’s our biological parents or our adoptive parent.

    When I started questioning EAC policies it was on my 2nd trip and i already met my daughter and was in love. I did also question things with EAC staff here and abroad but they told talk to Margrent but she was never available to me and never returned my calls so when Mama cole called I thought tell her and maybe her daughter would call me but that never happened. While it’s been it’s been almost 4yrs since adopting of my daughter the only contact I get from the agency is when they want money. Just makes me think and like I said it’s only my opinion.

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    At least you were brave enough to come over here and post your comments about YOUR EAC experience. It’s a tough crowd for an AParent.

    FWIW, I believe everything you said about your EAC experience. There are many others out there who could say the exact same thing.


  17. there are many others who disagree with the negative eac experience. I went to a huage eac event where there were thousands of adoptive parents and their children. while not evry single family had a perfect experience they were still all basically satisfied with the experience. when you stand looking at all these families and imagine all those kids and there prior living conditions it validates the reasons why intl adoption exists.

  18. All of you, please seek professional help. Please. The amount of paranoia on this page is screaming schizophrenia. The issue is not adoption, it is mental illness.

    You all should empower yourselves with positive thoughts. Not digging in the past, wallowing in injustice… Start today. Think of ways adoption can be good.

  19. Adoption is good that was not point I was trying to get across. I was just talking about my own personal experience with EAC. If it were not for adoption I would

    not have my daughter since I am unable biologically to have a child.
    Why would say and I guote “The issue is not adoption, it is mental illness”.
    What does giving your opionion have do with mental illness. There are always going pros and cons on any issue but to accuse someone of being mentally ill just because their opioninn differs from yours is not just right, TAKE YOUR OWN ADVICE “Empower yourselves with positive thoughts” and quit making stupid remarks just because someone differs with you.

    sent from:

  20. wow…someone who is actually peaceful minded posts on the bastardette! .wooohoooo!

    this isn’t just about eac!

    it does seem that many here have deep seeded issues with their adoptions. whether adoptee or adopter.

    thank god they have no influence on intl or domestic adoptions.

    imagine how many thousands of orphans would go without a loving home if their opinions mattered.

    I agree witj the previous blogger.
    get some professional help and hope adopted kids who are happy never read this crap.

  21. fav or it

    I’m guessing it wasn’t your comment that was being referred to on the mental illness issue.
    scroll up and read more. read all the stries posted here and you’ll see how negative they are.
    it is insulting to every family who has adopted intl or demestic.
    it os twrrible when a child dies by the hands of their parents whether a tragic accident or a sicko who abuses and murders kids.
    whether bio or adopted or unrelated to the aadult it is terrible!
    this isn’t about adoption or eac or adoption ark or common wealth or about a child etc….

    this is a emtional and mental charged blog. none of which is from a healthy frame of minds.

    this wasn’t a personal attack on you. I’m sure.

    with any business you will hear good and bad and there is always two sides to the story.

    I’m happy that you have a wonderful daughter with you.
    everything happens for a reason and the adoption thru eac brought your daughter to you.

    while you weren’t totally thrilled with the eac experience you are thrilled with your little girl

    that matters!


  22. favorit said…””If it were not for adoption I would not have my daughter since I am unable biologically to have a child. “”

    Let’s take one step back from the adoption agency that helped you to procure a child for you to adopt. The child you adopted, the one you call ‘my daughter’, did not give birth to this child…a real live human female did!! Without a real live pregnant and birthing human female (aka the mother)..there would be no ‘my’ daughters to adopt and the adoption agencies would go bankrupt and out of business. Your adoption agency is just the ‘middle-man’in the adoption business..they don’t ‘create’ children. But I think they like to give the impression that they do.

  23. oh come on!
    common knowledge that two humans male and female created the child.
    these humans who created these children either could not provide for them or they neglected or abused them. they aren’t dragged into the orphanage for no reason.
    the adoption agency simply helps to assist with the adoptions.
    I don’t think any of them claim to birth tge kids..silly on your part to think they would make this claim.
    would it be better to just leave the kids in institutions then?
    that is the question I have for you…your answer is curious to me.
    birth mothers deserve dredit for bringing these angels into the world. but the fact is that not all of them can or want to parent them.
    thank god there are people who will open their hearts to these kids.
    humans give birth to humans…they can’t always parent them
    bottom line.

  24. I am totaly cofused and sadded by some of these posts. When I adopted my daughter 4 yrs ago everyone kept telling me (not EAC) that I was doing a good thing that is was a loving thing. I know human beings made my daughter but I did not force her biological parents to give her up for adoption. I feel they also did a loving thing because they could not take care of their child properly so they did what they felt was best. Why put a bad name on it. If has you say “Illegitkid” agencies would go out of business that may true, but what would happen to all these children no one wanted for whatever reason they had for giving up their child. Which is better living in a institution your entire life or loving home who give what life offers. I see this as a WIN-WIN for the children.

    I will repeat what I said earlier:
    I am honored and blessed to have given this chance and I am extremely grateful for her biological parents for their sarfice. If my daughter wants to search for them as she grows up and understands what adoption is I will help her find and connect with them.
    Why do you that post bad things about adoption make is seem like were doing horrible horrible things by adopting children. It just makes me really sad becaus honestly I had good intentions when I adopted my daughter and I have to belive it was meant to be in God’s plan for her and I to meet and help each other in our journey of life.

    sent from:

  25. fav or it

    you got it right!
    the mental health comments weren’t geared towards you.
    I’m glad you have your daughter. doesn’t matter what agency helped with the legalities.
    I stumbled upon this sight while checking on eac status after hearing of chase harrisons death.
    I am considering adopting again .
    somehow I ended up in this black hole and couldn’t help but shed some light in this dark place.

  26. I know the orgin of complaining but doing little about the plight of orphans, supposed injustices to turn a deaf ear and blind eye towards orphans is so hypocritial. All you supposed experts ever been to the former Soviet Union? I will agree adoption agencies are possibly not the best use of funds- motive could be only money, but then again are you going to walk a family thru a process to adopt a child in need. When you have adopted a child that had to endure abcessed teeth and pain for over a year because of lack of money for proper dental care, then maybe you can have the luxury to conplain about adoptions as you sip your latte each morning. There is no perfect system but complaing instead of doing is not the answer either.

  27. Actually, yes I’ve been living off and on in Russia since 1988. I have a flat in St. Petersburg. I know more about Russia and the SU probably than you could ever know.

    Adoption is not the the solution to the child welfare problem in the FSU.

    And what’s with the latte sipping business? More like Captain Morgan.


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