To no one’s surprise, European Adoption Consultants beat the rap. Last night, EAC announced on its webpage : EAC is proud to announce that we have received confirmation from the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation that our accreditation will remain in tact and valid. Our staff is honored to be allowed to assist you in completing your forever family. Honored? Don’t they mean “relieved”? When you invest as much time and money in the post-Soviet nomenclatura as EAC has, can there be any other outcome? In other words, the Ministry ka-chinged. The cows graze contentedly. Let the good times roll! BTW, does anyone know the provinace of “forever family?” I’ve heard it comes from dog rescue.


First the press says they’re out of Russia; then it says they’re in. AdoptionLand wants to know what’s going on, but EAC isn’t talking. As of 10:00 pm August 1, EAC hasn’t posted a word on its webpage about the investigation that the Russian Ministry of Education and Science is running it through over the agency’s alleged failure to inform timely, officials of the death of Dmitry Yakolev/Chase Harrison as required by Russian law. All we find is a gratuitous we-feel-your-pain-cover-your ass note on Dima’s death at the top of its webpage which ends with: We are currently assessing the situation and continuing to work with the Russian Federation in this matter. Shouldn’t that read: the Russian Federation is currently assessing us?SILENCE IS GOLDEN…AND SO IS THE EGGAs far as the public face of EAC is concerned, everything is snug as a bug in Strongsville, According to the EAC– friendly blogger at Russian Adoption Journey, who finds herself a tad frustrated at the agency’s lack of communication, EAC isn’t sharing much information with anxious paps who ask. From “Mixed Media Message,”July 21, 2008 (emphasis mine):Despite internet articles and blogs to the contrary, our adoption agency told me this afternoon that Continue Reading →