Miles Harrison was indicted Monday on a charge of manslaughter in the July 8 death of his son Chase Harrison/Dmitry Yakolev. According to the Washington Post and other metro media, Harrison, came to the courthouse directly from the private psychiatric hospital he’s been holed up in since Dima’s death.

At the brief arraignment Chief Deputy Commonwealth’s Attorney Ian M. Rodway asked Fairfax Circuit Court Judge Marcus D. Williams to set bond at $10,000. The court refused defense attorney Peter Greenspun’s request for signature bond, but agreed to reduce bond to $5,000. Harrison was immediately arrested and cuffed. He bonded out in the afternoon. Harrison declined comments to the press. Greenspun, speaking of Harrison said, “”He’s doing okay, but he’s still pretty fragile.”

One new piece of information was revealed in court documents: Harrison arrived at Project Solutions Group at about 6:45 AM which means that Chase/Dmitry was left in the hot sealed- up SUV for approximately nine hours. Temperature inside the Yukon could have reached as high as 180 degrees.

According to Leesburg today, Harrison’s next court appearance is scheduled for August 27.

I have other news on the case, which I will post separately in a little while.


  1. “I’ve been waiting for you to post a comment”!

    Why, Marley? I hope posting my observation didn’t make you mad, but my gut instinct tells me this was no accident. I’m real intuitive about people, and I know who is evil and who is not, and Miles…well, he just aint on the mark about all of this…does anybody else see that in his eyes? I’ll watch my language if it was offensive Marely-sorry-

  2. It really rots that he’s out on bail. If I did such a thing to my only child, I’d beg them to keep me in jail and call the hangman, because I sure wouldn’t care to live. Hell, if I did it to a pet….How can he possibly live with himself? Why does he even care what happens to him now?

    No, I can’t tell who is evil by how they look, but the actions sure add up to a heartless creep.A person with a heart would be on suicide watch, not out on bail.

  3. I like reading and posting on your blog cause it is imo, the best blog on the net. I tell people I know in real life to read it. Everyone always learns something and they think you rockamundo Marley 🙂

  4. “No, I can’t tell who is evil by how they look, but the actions sure add up to a heartless creep”.

    I don’t read by how someone looks, I psychially pick up what I call soul energy. I am not fooled by apperances.

  5. I don’t believe in psychics or psychic powers, so have to rely on reason, observation, skepticism, a bit of intuition and common sense. But that is enough for most people.

    And however one decides about the evilness of Harrison, he certainly did an unspeakably awful thing and does not seem to be sufficiently horrified at his own actions and the result.

  6. What happened to Chase was awful. However, some of the comments I read here are just laughable.

    “He looks like an asshole”.

    Well…errr…what exactly does an asshole look like?

    “Its my gut instinct this was no accident”

    Let’s not wait for the jury. Let’s just get a rope….right.

    “I know who is evil and who is not”

    Well, gee forgive us if the rest of us don’t think you are the all knowing ominiscient bitch ok?

  7. “I don’t believe in psychics or psychic powers, so have to rely on reason, observation, skepticism, a bit of intuition and common sense. But that is enough for most people”.

    Intuition is a form of psychic power Maryanne-the police use psychics, I have seen many, many true cases where they solved crimes, cops otherwise never would of solved, and I have heard cops say that. Slyvia Browne has read for royality and celebrities and you have to wait a year to get a reading from her, she is so booked, so I think the majority of people don’t count on what you count on. More people beleive in psychic power than don’t. I do agree with you about Miles though. I can’t wait to see how this trial goes, and I hope it is on tv, as many live cases are.

  8. Nobody looks good in a mug shot.

    I remember Peggy Sue Hilt’s mug shot. It was a far cry from the happy “glamor shots” she had before she & her husband adopted their daughters. The two photos looked like two different people. Marley, I think, has a few photos of Peggy Sue before and after Nina.

    I hope this one is still up. Miles looks a lot different in this photo – he’s the one wearing the suit and tie – you have to scroll down:

    The thing is, if any of us regular old folks had done this, we would not have been able to hide out in a hospital and hire great legal representation.


  9. Its the look around and in his eyes that bother me E Case-he looks arrogant like he is too good to be there and he resents it. Kinda like how Dan Aykarod’s character in “Trading Places” acted before and a little bit after the switch with Eddie Murphy’s character. I did see those pictures of that couple Marley did a blog about-I laughed my butt off at her Grease comparison. I thought they didn’t make Dippity Do anymore either..

  10. I just caught this article after doing a search. I live in Miles’ neighborhood and I know him much better than anyone I’ve read that posted a response. Suffice to say, if you are one of the people callous enough to call Miles an ‘asshole’ despite never having met him or knowing this family before or after this incident then you really need to refocus your energy away from indicting others and shift it to some truly deep self evaluation. There is obviously no excuse in the world for leaving your child in the car to die – even if it is an accident. But it doesn’t automatically turn a perfectly good human being into a bad one.

    Like many others, Miles and his wife wanted nothing more than to give a child a nice home and draw the great pleasures and challenges all of us have as parents while sharing their experiences to the benefit of a child and the world. Though the Harrisons are not amongst the poorest in our society, they are also not amongst our richest. Despite this, they spent tens of thousands of dollars, countless hours and years of their lives just to get the opportunity to be parents. These are not the marks of evil, and it’s simply sad for anyone to state this. To “The Improper Adoptee”: you are – at least in this case – a horrendously judgmental, poor evaluator of character and it seems you might not want to quit your day job to become a psychic based on this pitiful assessment. Also really sorry that Miles is ‘smug’ based on his mugshot. My guess is no one got a chance to tell him to look excited for his photo op.

    Again, just one piece of advice. Don’t judge. I can’t promise there’s a heaven or hell, and I can’t tell you who goes where and why, but if there is some next place for us after this life it might be wise to share prejudices that can potentially send you to the same place as those you wrongly condemn through your own lack of knowledge and understanding.

  11. What a very sad story.Such a young precious life given no value and wasted. God be with the child, and God have mercy on the father…he will need it.
    As the partent of an 8 year old from Russia, this news sends shivers over the spines of adoptive parents. Russia is making the effort to adopt even harder and with over 150,000 in state run orphanges that is a very sadi thing.
    We need to value all lives and not forget this precious child.

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