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The Massachusetts Morriseys are at it again, reving up their pretty little paranoid machine just before mid-term elections to flog their choice for governor, Lt. Governor Kerry Healy. In Sunday’s Metro West Daily our favorite identity thieves sent a dire warning to Metro Boston: vote for Democratic gubernatorial candidate Deval Patrick, and baybees will die.

According to the Morriseys, “Baby Safe Haven” will be tossed into Boston Harbor if Mr. Patrick is elected. Mr. Patrick you see, unlike the Morriseys’ Barbie Doll, Karen Healy who openly encourages teenagers to abandon their babies, has made the serious mistake of not only remaining silent on BSH with the media, but refusing to discuss his thoughts on the law with them; thus endangering the lives of every newborn-to-be in the Bay State

I guess it’s not occurred to the Morriseys that Mr. Patrick just doesn‘t want to talk to them. God knows even politicians who supported BSH went into lockdown during the Morriseys abundant Beacon Hill walkabouts and accompanying letter/phone/email bomb campaign.

Ordinarily, this breach of etiquette would make no sound but static. Since their beloved and branded “Baby Safe Haven” law is up for sunset in 2008, however, the Ms socks are panicked.

The Morriseys, who inexplicably describe themselves as “average concerned citizens,” write of their moral distress in the Metro West Daily:

We believe that a vote for Mr. Patrick will result in the elimination of the Massachusetts Baby Safe Haven law. The Commonwealth will become the first state to ever extinguish a Baby Safe Haven law.

It’s rude of Bastardette, but I find it ironic that no mention of “Baby Safe Haven” law permanency is noted in Healy’s 50 Point Point Plan for Change published on her campaign webpage. Apparently banning people under the age of 18 from talking on cell phones while driving and unsubsidizing per diems for lawmakers takes prioritiy over the the lives of those scads of not-yet-borns who will be carelssly tossed in the dumspser if Deval Patrick is elected.

Now, I don’t know a thing about Deval Patrick except what I learned on C-Span a couple weeks during the candidate’s debate ((No BSH was mentioned there, either) According to Monday morning’s Boston Hearld, he has a “double digit lead” over Barbie. He’s’s not a Republican and he won’t talk to the Morriseys. Is there a better recommendation that that?

The Morriseys’ letter will soon go into the Metro archives, so here is their warning in its entirety for posterity to read and weep.

Letter: Patrick is the wrong choice
Sunday, November 5, 2006

In the four years before the passage of the Baby Safe Haven law, 13 tiny newborn babies were abandoned, six died. The Legislature refused to act until newly elected Lt. Governor Kerry Healey stepped in to testify, lobby and sign the Baby Safe Haven bill into law.

We met with Kerry Healey months before her election and her solemn promise was to pass and enact this proven life-saving law. Her response was always concern and compassion on this issue. Her promise was kept.

On October 7 “Baby Jordan” was needlessly abandoned in a trash bag in a litter-strewn yard in Roslindale. The law needed to work in this near tragedy, but laws are not 100 percent. Three babies have been safely surrendered to safe havens and 21 women counseled through a 24/7 hotline into parenting or adoption plans. The law has been a success.

Due to this story, Deval Patrick was asked repeatedly by the media if he would work to keep Baby Safe Haven — the law expires in July 2008 due to a sunset clause. His silence for the lives of in-danger newborns is troubling, very troubling.

We have written to Mr. Patrick for his stance, but never a reply. It is troubling that average, concerned citizens who advocate for the safety of the most vulnerable in the Commonwealth are pushed aside for his advocacy for incarcerated felons and political insiders.

We believe that a vote for Mr. Patrick will result in the elimination of the Massachusetts Baby Safe Haven law. The Commonwealth will become the first state to ever extinguish a Baby Safe Haven law.



  1. Lest you forget — The gubernatorial candidates were asked of their positions on the elimination of the July 2008 sunset clause of the Baby Safe Haven law in a front page article in the Boston Herald. (Below)
    That was followed by Boston radio stations asking the same question, with the same response, non-response.
    Seems one candidate is refusing the answer, or is vague, on many more questions of various issues, that being Deval Patrick.
    (Blogs are even taunting him on it: )
    The company he keeps is also very suspicious, those who put the sunset clause in the bill.
    Some even are backers of a convicted rapist who was seeking parole through a letter writing campaign that Mr. Patrick was heavily involved in: — see Ellen Story letter.
    Baby Safe Haven is only one of many things of concern in MA, should Mr. Patrick be elected.
    So much for limited insight. But don’t forget Mr. PAtrick’s mantra, ” Together We Can!”
    Fairy godfather to the rescue: Baby Jordan gets truckload from caring dad

    BOSTON HERALD – By Laurel J. Sweet – Wednesday, October 11, 2006

    When the law expires in 2008, Massachusetts will have a new governor. Republican Lt. Gov. Kerry Healey would re-sign the law, but would want to discuss the 911 inclusion with public health and law enforcement officials to be certain it did not jeopardize child safety, her spokeswoman, Amy Lambiaso, said.

    Democratic challenger Deval Patrick’s camp did not respond to whether he supports Baby Safe Haven or the 911 revision.

  2. Kerry Healey came out looking like a vile, evil, snobby bytch. Sorry but her campaign was negative and racist at that. I hope she doesn’t win. Plus she carefully chose where she campaigned i.e. the ‘posh’upper class suburbs of Massachusetts. Let them vote for her.

  3. “We believe that a vote for Mr. Patrick will result in the elimination of the Massachusetts Baby Safe Haven law. The Commonwealth will become the first state to ever extinguish a Baby Safe Haven law.”

    And to think it was Jean who thought A Post from the Future such a ludicrous concept.


  4. “Kerry Healey came out looking like a vile…”

    Your statement is as far from reality as anything can be. Kerry Healey is beyond a class act.
    The state may regret its vote very quickly.
    She stood up for stricter drunk driving laws (Melanie’s Law), tougher sex offender registries, of course the Baby Safe Haven law, better schools, tightening immigration laws, and lower taxes.
    She has the substance, Patrick supposedly has the charisma.
    We’ll take substance any day as charisma fades quickly under pressure.

  5. I love the smell of abundant Beacon Hill walkabouts and accompanying letter/phone/email bomb campaign backfirings in the morning.

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