I haven’t said anything about this before, but now that it’s hit the press, I thought it best if you heard about it from me personally. I was put up for adoption.

A few days ago I was “surrendered” to the Citizens for Humane Action shelter in Columbus: Marley Missing from Citizens for Humane Action Center… but don’t worry, I was stolen back. And during adoption hours no less. It was quite an experience, and not over yet. Yesterday we were in Obetz, but I think we’re headed for St. Paul.

It’s tough blogging on the lam , especially since my parents won’t tell me why they took me to CHA in the first place. I know a lot of people call me a dog and a bitch, but I didn’t think my own family would disown me. I mean what have I done to deserve this? Personally, I think it has something to do with National Adoption Awareness Month. Mom and dad were touched by the sad stories of desperate lonely couples they read about in the paper. I believe in a moment of utter but misjudged compassion, gave me up to make someone else happy. Surrender in haste. Regret at leisure.

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  1. Tthere should be a niche market: Unfind My Family. I’m sure there are many people,adopted and lego, who would patronize a relocation service to rid themselves of irritating family members

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