1. Why, NCFA has always had the highest regard for the Factories, the Products, and most of all for the paying Customers in Adoptionland:-) For Capitalism to work and keep bringing in those big bucks for the Captains of Industry, all three components are necessary!They just wuvs them some cute little forever baby adoptees and compliant birthmommies.

  2. Triad??? What Triad???? Does anyone see a real, equal, three-sided activity here? Let’s see…there are the agencies and the attorneys and those who adopt on one hand and the natural mothers and adoptees on the other. That’s five sides and there is nothing equal about them. NCFA speak with forked tongue, Kemo Sabe.

  3. Off Topic Drive-By Post, for your consideration: Just ran across this article — “US lawmakers urge easier Guatemalan adoptions”



  4. My comment on Saxton’s piece. We’ll see if it makes it through moderation.

    Your comment is awaiting moderation.

    As an adoptive parent who is very much committed to helping my child grow up to become a happy, well-adjusted adult, I have to disagree with your underlying assumption that my bond with my child requires protection from his biological family members. I am a father to my son, perhaps the only father he will ever know. That does not mean, however, that I am his only man that ever cared for his future\ or his only father in my son’s view. As so many are fond of saying, adoption can be an act of love. If that is true, then why should we assume that our bonds required protection from others who love our children?

    It is my view that the ability to know his origins is fundamental to his ability to become a happy, well-adjusted man, one who is capable of making his own decisions about how to conduct his life and who he shall include in his life. I put my beliefs into practice ten years ago, by arranging for him to meet and come to know not only his mother, but his siblings and grandparents. His father is yet to be found.

    My son has integrated his biological family into his life very well. In doing so, he has only strengthened his bond with me.

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