Joint Council on International Children’s Services: Racist ad draw ire of adoptees and adoptive parents

white-mans-burdenTaking time off from its white man’s burden of scooping  kids from developing countries into the arms of America’s desperate and middle class (lately through the CHIFF Act), the Joint Council on International Children’s Services   (JCICS)  will hold a benefit Tuesday to raise money for itself.

Just in time for Trick or Treat, JCICS has  invited us to the fun.   All we need to do is hop a train or plane to The Big Apple and drop ourselves and our spare change off at Battery Park’s  PJ Clark’s. We’ll get free treats for our trouble. Until this moment I was unaware that trick or treaters  pay for their free candy. Note to self: stock up on Snickers.

The idea of JCICS panhandling  kinda creeps me out.  Last year JCICS’s 990 says the non-profit was bringing in solid cash. I assume not by spare changing on K Street.  At least not with a tin can.

I’d not be writing about this kinda-creepy event, or even know about it,  if JCICS  hadn’t jumped the shark and decided to promote its dollar-harvesting op on Facebook  with a picture of some of its fresh produce– international adoptees– dressed up in racial and ethnic stereotype and makeup (thanks to Disney) apparently to reflect adoptee exotica. Normally I’d not post the cloying  picture, but with complaints pouring in to the FB page, it may disappear, and I want to keep it on record.

racist adoption protrayal

JCICS celebrates Halloween fetishizing adoptees for fun and profit

We  assume that happy-dappy udopters suffering from ass-backward cultural and racial appropriation syndrome, costumed-up these kids early for the photoshoot.  Maybe after they see the reaction they’ll re-suit them in something more appropriate like ghosts and Batman. What were they thinking? Or were they just thanking  Disney, in the way that only the adopta-ignorant fantasists, for  tykes JCICS helped them acquire from far away places with strange sounding names..

I’m a  corn-fed domestic brand adoptee, which translates into blah as far as adoption welfare money-making goes.. When I was the age of these kids I went door-to-door on Adelaide  Avenue in Warren, Ohio dressed as a drum major. Everybody thought I was cute.  I think so, too    Even at that tender age of 3,  though, Bastardette would not have thought  she’d be cute pimped out to raise money for my adoption agency. I’d have been embarrassed. Who wants to be reminded that they’re adopted, especially little kids?  Back in those days, of course, adoption wasn’t spoken of in polite company. Adoption wasn’t the new pregnant, and adoptive  parents were simply parents, not proud bragging child savers. Oh, how I miss reticence!

I don’t have any kids so this Halloween costume  controversy, (except for dumb racist frat parties where so-called adults who should know better  yuk it up in blackface and bedsheets) is rather new to me.  On a personal level. I’m not jacked on PC. It reflects lala liberal delusions and hypocrisy  and hides realilty  (but come to think of it dressing  up your kids up  in racist outfits, does, too)  and demands ultimately  that law and  state not  personal responsibility, accountability, conscience, and common sense direct behavior of those they view as the great unwashed.. For me, shame and ridicule are better weapons than a  pinch-faced  nanny with a roll of duct tape at the ready. The only people who ever give Bastard Nation a bad time about our name, btw, are liberals.

Commercial exploitation and objectification of children, especially when  those children may have  been acquired by dubious means, though,  is unacceptable and falls out of the boundaries of obnoxious more-or-less private behavior.The fetishization of the child adoptive body for profit by JCICS is not acceptable. Celebrating racism for profit is not acceptable. I guess, none of the adoption profiteers at JCICS thought to ask the adopted class what they thought about it.  Masha Allen, transferred  with the JCICS  Seal of Approval from Russia into the bed of thick checkbooked pedophlie, Matthew Mancuso. then jobbed around the internet,  and later to a  couple of crackpot “forever families” could give this crew of  purposefully clueless professional adoptionists  and their clients a few words of wisdom.

Really. You’d think the folks at JCICS wouldn’t be so culturally illiterate. not to mention pop culture dumb. Don’t they ever get curious about what’s trending?

Crazy Eyes

Julianne Hough: White is the New Black

For the  last few days there’s been a helluva hullabaloo over white dancer Julianne Hough  going blackface  to a Hollywood Halloween bash posing as Crazy Eyes from Orange is the New Black.  Hough has apologized. I wonder if somebody from JCICS when they get up in the morning and see the dozens of complaints filed on its FB page by international  (and domestic) adoptees and the adoptive parents it claims to serve, will do the same  It’s bad enough to be a culturally ignorant Dancing with the Stars refugee, quite another for JCICS, a so-called leader in child welfare to (self) serve up racism as a Halloween treat.


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