Ohio’s Dan Chaon hits the road to Starz

 photo chaon.jpgNice news from Ohio for once!

Ohio adoptee  memorist and author  (and one of the best writers’ in the country today) Dan Chaon has a new gig.

Dan  sent  a note  via FB and Twitter on Thursday that he’ll be working on a new  dramatic project for Starz titled Most Wanted.  The production team includes writer Chris Collins, co-producer of  Sons of Anarchy  and director Ken Fink (CSI, Oz, Homicide. Dan will serve as co-executive producer of the new series..

The show takes place in the in the Plains States in the 1970s and traces the career of fictional  prolific bank robber Nate Daniels “as he finds himself on a collision course with his family and crew as he becomes one of the FBI’s Ten Most Wanted.” My kinda show!

I’ve written about Dan here, here, and here.   Dan lives in Cleveland and teaches at my old hangout, Oberlin College where he’s the Pauline M. Delaney Professor of Creative Writing and Literature


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