JCICS Attempts to Flood ‘Net and Russia with "Positive Adoption Stories"

This is cross-posted from my Nikto Ne Zabyt (Memoriam for Russian Adoptees Murdered and Abused by their Forever Families) blog

Just like cockroaches under the sink, JCICS is all over the Internet today with its We are the Truth Petition and National Adoption Blogger Day–all meant to force Russia to shut up and to continue send their orphans to US Forever Homes–while, of course, decrying the Saveliev/Hansen case as an “rare” exception., not systemic rot.

I was going to write about this, but Baby Love Child has already done it (and- shameless plug– also promoted by Russian work): Russian adoptees & an “Adoption Blogger Day” Ah! How Special

Today the Joint Council on International Children’s Services (JCICS) an adoption industry trade lobby here in the U.S. desires to clog social media with “positive adoption stories” in other words, adopter spam, (and no doubt grateful adoptee spam as well) culled from its member agencies’ adoptive parents files and email lists in a last ditch desperate attempt to try to stop Russia from ending American adoptions in the wake of the one way flight that took Artyem Saviliev from his “forever family” in the United States back to Russia.

They’ve called for an “Adoption Blogger Day.” Note that it’s not an Adoptee Blogger Day, because some of what Bastards have to say doesn’t exactly line up with the industry’s program.

Each of those tweets or FB entries or blog posts are calibrated towards a specific goal, ensuring inter-country adoptions continue. In other words, astro-turfing up a blizzard of ‘adoption is wonderful’ aimed at international adoption policy and maintaining the import of Russian adoptees.

Followed by an important long critique.

How about adding your own “adoption story? Twitter: #AdoptionBloggerDay

Addenda, April 16: JCICS now has a We Are the Truth video using cute Russian adoptees to pimp the industry. No mention that JCIC’s own (then) adoption ethics honcho Jeannene Smith sold Masha “Allen” to pedophile Matthew Mancuso and never lifted a finger to help her post-placement and midlead and lied to the FBI and Congress to boot.

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6 Replies to “JCICS Attempts to Flood ‘Net and Russia with "Positive Adoption Stories"”

  1. You’re too kind!

    Thank you for linking, but far more importantly, thank you for the ongoing work you’ve done, making day after day after day real “adoption blogger day”s, bringing up the unpleasant realities of what Russian adoptions have meant.

    I also urge folks to use the hashtags #adoption #Russia #adoptee on whatever they choose to share.

  2. I hope you will comment on the recent NYTimes panel on international adoption — so one-sided! I have really learned a lot from your blog, many thanks.

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