It never ceases and amaze me how creative deformers are.

How many ways can a birth certificate be folded, spindled, and mutilated, run through the shredder, and the detritus be considered “rights”?

Yesterday, the Rhode Island Judiciary Committee passed H7877 , a twisted sister “adoptee rights” bill. The bill includes a disclosure veto. But just not any disclosure veto. This is a very special veto:

Any birth parent, or parents or adult sibling of a deceased or incompetent birth parent, may file a no release form with the division and the division will thereafter not release a copy of the adoptee’s birth certificate. The division shall post the no release form and filing instructions on the division’s website . the birth parent, or parent or adult sibling of a deceased or permanently disabled birth parents may revoke his or her no release form at an time.

That is, not only can your parent(s) file a disclosure veto and hold your birth certificate hostage, but so can relatives you’ve probably never even heard of. Even the very people who might have forced you into the adoption mill. And…these mystery relatives can speak for the dead, too! What’s to stop strangers, in fact, from filing a veto without even telling Mom or Dad about you or the veto. How will this veto be administered? Is it a passive veto? Or does the state track down mom, dad, grandparents, aunts, uncles to chit-chat about your worthiness quotient?

Do these deformers not realize how dangerous this is?

For years real bastard advocates have been fighting the deformer-created “special rights” disclosure veto doctrine they love more than their own rights–or rather YOUR rights. Now a new generation of deformers–some of whom have actually worked on and helped win clean bills in New Hampshire and Maine and know the sweet smell of success– for some inexplicable reason want to expand that “special right” to collateral relatives. Once that happens, Rhode Island will never reach back into that black hole and pick up is left behinds.

Maybe there’s some grand strategy that the rest of us are just too plumb dumb to see. Like that grand strategy in California that would have amended their piece-a-crap on the floor?

Sometimes something is not better than nothing.

A Later Thought: What’s wrong with asking for what you want and sticking with it? Do these people go shopping for a 2010 BMW and walk out of the dealership, all too happy with a 1987 Yugo?

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  1. Agreed.How is it when other groups of people have their rights taken away or negated there’s hell to pay?It seems sometimes any abuse is ok for bastards..it’s ok I can say that, before someone complains, I am one.

  2. It must be the herd effect. Are the schools systems defunct on the East Coast? Is there something in the water? Are these people inbred? What causes people to stomp on the tromp on others to get what they and they alone want. Not only is Illinois and New Jersey adoptees and birth parents ready to eat their own, but now Rhode Island?

  3. OK. So let’s pursue legislation that would permit ALL MOTHERS (or any member of their families) to veto release of birth certificates to their children, out of vindictiveness or to thwart them from traveling abroad. If mothers truly do have control over the birth certificates of their offspring, then it should be equal across the board.

  4. The bitch of it is that we mothers are tired of having the NCFA and the ACLU and others speaking for us. Actually, we’d like to get copies of those OBC’s as well, since, at the time, we were the legal parent. They have their little pet barfmuggles that they trot out behind an anonymity screen and act like those few represent millions of us. T’ain’t so, Kiddos and we’ve told them so, but as it is OK to abuse bastards. it also seems that it is also more than OK to lie about mothers and refuse to let us speak for ourselves.

  5. I’d really like to know who in Rhode Island dreamt up the idea of permitting biological grandparents, aunts and uncles to veto disclosure in addition to biological parents. I’d say it’s an insane idea, but the truly mentally ill even have better sense than that. It’s depravity: complete impairment of principles. They’ve harmed every adoptee in Rhode Island, and endangered every adoptee in the country.

  6. BD, we have already had the warning that us big mouthed moms would ruin what is being worked for and that we need to be quiet and content with “baby steps.” Of course, this is from the moms who think that we can work with the industry and adopters to get things done. That’s like the flies inviting the spiders to the picnic.

  7. Not me, Robin:-) Although I believe we can work with adoptive parents(there are some decent ones, you know)and do not think adoption should be abolished, I only support clean legislation, in my state NJ and everywhere.

    This bill in RI is just one more piece of crap that will never be fixed if it passes. Once again, what were they thinking? If we signed away all parental rights at surrender, why do we suddenly have “rights” we don’t want once the adoptee is an adult. And extending it to the whole damn family is just plain nuts!

  8. You know, Robin, there are so many out there who have internalized their own oppression. They accept what the enemy says about them and are will to throw their rights–and our rights–away. At this point, it’s easy to see who the real enemy is. The official enemy is predictable and easy to deal with Even if you lose, you know what they’re doing. The other people– you never know.

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