I Want a Pony! Vermin Supreme for President!

Vermin Supreme free poniesNext to sealed birth certificates, pony deprivation is the most serious problem adoptees face today. Placing us for adoption in the belief that we would be reared  in a home with a pony which they couldn’t provide, birthparents have been shocked, to learn that forever families did not, in fact, come automatically equipped with the promised pony. Most adoptees, much to our (and our birthparents) dismay have been forced to live a pony-free life.  We’re not happy about it.

2016 Presidential hopeful Vermin Supreme has stepped up to our plate promising to change that.  He has formed the Free Pony Party  (and on Facebook) and promises a government- subsidized pony for everyone in the United States. If a chicken in every pot got it for Hoover, I see no reason why a pony in every backyard can’t win bigger.Of course, everyone will have  a pony under Vermin’s Pony Policy, but all Bastards have ever wanted was a level playing field. RIght? We wouldn’t want to lord our newly-acquired ponies over the Not Adopted Class.


Vermin Supreme 2008. In it for the long run. Obviously dedicated to restoring our right to our promised pony.

Vermin Supreme 2008. In it for the long run. Obviously dedicated to restoring our right to our promised pony.

This  2016 race, is Vermin’s  seventh attempt to win the Whitehouse.  He is only surpassed by Republican Harold Stassen, who ran for president 10 times between 1940 and 2000.

I’m not sure when or how I ran into Vermin, but it was way before his appearance on the C-Span  Lesser-Known Democratic Candidates Presidential Forum held before the 2012 New Hampshire primary. Vermin  went viral, perhaps for his attempt to turn fellow candidate Operation Rescue founder Randall Terry gay by glitter bombing his head. Here is a compilation video of Vermin’s appearance on C-Span where he details his Free Pony promise.  The entire hour-long forum is here.


During the 2012 election I conducted a presidential poll and included Vermin amongst the candidates.  Unfortunately Vermin didn’t get a single vote This was really disappointing, but not surprising. It simply goes to show AdoptionLand apathy and conformity. We had a candidate who promised to give us what we want, and we failed him.

But Vermin did not fail us.  He has heard and responded to the adoptee’s lament. Last week he filed for the 2016 New Hampshire primary--still fighting for our fight to a pony. (This link includes a 30 minute unedited video documenting his trip the NH statehouse to file where everybody loves him except the Secret Service who considered his pony a weapon and made him check it at the door.)

 Notice how we are featured in his latest campaign video.

 With choices dwindling  down to Hillary Clinton, (Bernie Sanders’ hasn’t a chance), Donald Trump, Ben Carson, and Ted Cruz, Vermin Supreme seems the only logical choice. None of them have promised us anything anyway.
Vermin Supreme: An answer to our prayers!

Vermin Supreme: An answer to our prayers!

This is my early endorsement of Vermin Supreme for President.
Vote early and often! 
Ponies today. OBC’s tomorrow.


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