Goodbye National Adoption Month: I won’t miss you!

byeVenimus. Vidimus. Vicimus.

We came. We saw. We conquered.


The late founding presdient of NCFA, Bill Pierce,when he was dying, used to tell me he couldn’t wait get to heaven so he could talk to God about adoption. 24/7… for eternity. Sounds hell’s waitingroom to me.  I felt sorry for God., How can you  talk about or write about adoption every day without admitting yourself to a mental ward. (Is heaven actuallyl a mental ward?)   As much as I love Bastard Nation and bastard activism and organizing, keeping up with the crap and trying to write cogently about it is debilitating. I have no idea why I’m not burnt out after over  20 yeaers of online adoption chicanery. I think I’m must a hater.

At the beginning of our very special month,I intended to write about some of the projects I’m working on–research and essays on new atrocities being perpetrated  on Class Bastard   That didn’t happen.  But it will.  Now that time is freed up, I can work on the serious stuff. And I guarantee you, you won’t be happy about it.

Thank you to all the wonderful bloggers who made November mean something for us. I want to thank every one who read the Daily Bastardette this month and took the time to comment here, on Facebook, Twitter,  or privately. Bastards are the best!

Once again  the Daily Bastardette was actually a daily, like it should be.. Now if I just had a staff.

So farewell National Adoption Month, National Adoption Awarenenss month, NoBloPomo, #fllipthescript. I won’t miss you.

Next year I may redesign my work to #fuckthescript.


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